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It is a quick-action paint remover in gel, able to remove most paints used for industrial finishes like those applied on machinery, heavy equipment, barrels, tanks, road signs, lorries, trailers and cars.

KEMPERSTRIP GEL solvents penetrate through the paint layer and reach the anchoring surface, loosening the bonds and favouring removal through high pressure water or by using a brush.

The product can also be used to remove films, like scotchlite, from steel, aluminium and iron surfaces.

KEMPERSTRIP GEL is ideal for all those activities that require paint removal, such as: joiners, restorers, mechanics and maintenance operators. It is effective on most paints, AND IT IS FREE OF PHENOLS AND FORMIC ACID, thus being totally safe and easy to handle.




Physical state: viscous liquid

Colour: blue – grey

Density (15ºC): 1.2 Kg/lt

Solubility in water: insoluble

Flammability: non flammable



Distribute the product evenly on the surface to treat with a brush, forming a thick layer. Wait from 3 to 30 minutes until bubbles appear and the paint starts curling. Rinse with high pressure water to remove the paint. Dry the component before proceeding with a new paint coat. More applications may be required for parts with more paint coats to remove.




MIL-R-81294D Type I Class 2A

Remover paint,

Epoxy, polysulfide,

And polyurethane systems