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Lubro Semisint Q is a semi-synthetic lubro-refrigerant with medium content of mineral oil.

  • Ideal for cutting and grinding operations on most common materials
  • It combines cleaning and deterging properties of synthetic products with the lubricating properties of products containing mineral oil.
  • It forms emulsions which are extremely stable in time and it is resistant to waters with high hardness levels (suggested water hardness 13° - 85°F).
  • It does not pose any risk for health and safety if used properly and no hazard indications are featured on the label.


  • Bio resistant
  • Free of chlorine
  • No risk for operators
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Free of secondary amines
  • Cooling and lubricating properties
  • Durable emulsions


Aspect: clear, amber-colour

Density: 1.030 at 15°C

Viscosity: 80 (mm²/s, 40°C)

Pour point: <-7 (°C)




Aspect: translucid

pH: 9.60 (5% sol.)

limit of corrosion: 3.5% (DIN 51370)

Refractometric factor: 1.7 (°Brix)




Concentrations of use: 4-8% according to the entity of the operation.

A concentration lower than the suggested values or an improper preparation may generate instability phenomena and reduce the durability of the lubro-refrigerant emulsion.

Before pouring a fresh emulsion in the vat, clean the entire system and all parts that will come into contact with the product thoroughly. 

Add the quantity of product to the water and shake, or use a mixer calibrated on the required percentage.

For a proper maintenance of the emulsion, measure the Total Bacterial load on a regular basis using Easicult TTC kit and separate the lubricating oil that falls into the emulsion.

Always close the product’s drum after picking up the quantity required to prepare the emulsion.

Do not mix with other types of lubro-refrigerant emulsions.