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It is a product based on molybdenum disulfide in spray form.
The presence of particular resins leads to the formation of a lubricating film with a strong toughness and adhesion, resistant to physical stress.
At high temperatures (+ 400 ° C), the resin consolidates more ensuring the presence of bisulphide for lubrication, while with aging of the treatment there are no flattening phenomena.
After 5 minutes from application the layer is in the 'dust-free' phase, and after one hour the maximum scratch resistance is obtained.

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Anti-friction lubricant anti-adhesive for industrial use. Based on micronized graphite, it forms a tough self-lubricating film firmly anchored to the treated surface, ensuring exceptional performance in the presence of high loads in a wide temperature range (-180 ° C / + 950 ° C). It is widely used in all applications where an oil-free lubricant of high performance is required in conditions of oscillating loads, sliding wear, and on every strongly stressed element in the presence of aggressive products and high temperatures, strong oxidants, etc.


Silicone grease, colorless and odorless, which is used in the mechanical, rubber, plastics, electronics and chemical industries.
GREASE 250 contains a silicone fluid that, unlike conventional products, is able to maintain all its characteristics over a wide period of time:

  • Oxidation stability.
  • Chemical inertia.
  • Low viscosity coefficient.

The product can be used as a lubricant for valves, joints, gaskets and any equipment that works at extreme temperatures. It can also be used as a protective device for electrical systems, cables, rubber parts and battery terminals.
GREASE 250 doesn’t contain toxic substances, such as lead, antimony, mercury and other dangerous organic compounds, and is absolutely suitable for the lubrication of plants in the food industry. In fact, it complies with the USDA Grade H1 certification requirements: "This product can be used in plants where there is the possibility of accidental contact with food".

GREASE 250 is therefore the most suitable lubricant for pasta factories, bakeries, confectionery and preserving industries, slaughterhouses, cured meats, ham factories, dairies and the beverage industry.



Physical state           : Grease

Color                           : colorless

Odor                           : odorless

Active principle           : dimethyl polysiloxane

Flammability               : >310 °C

Solubility                     : insoluble in water

Dielectric strength       : 12 KV/mm

Temperature range.   : da -55 a +220 °C

Drop point                   : >250 °C

Corrosion of metals    : none

Corrosion of rubber    : 1%(200 hours a 70°C)



Use the loose product as a normal lubricant following the instructions of the machine manufacturer, considering however that the surfaces to be treated must be perfectly clean so that there are no residues of non-silicone compounds.

The lubricating and protective action is maintained at temperatures ranging from

 -50 ° C to +220 ° C.

To adapt the product to particular needs, it is possible to reduce viscosity by diluting it with the specific KEMPERSOLV 60 solvent.
GREASE 250 is a synthetic grease that can also be used for the lubrication of precision mechanisms such as: timers, sewing machines, weapons, staplers, calculators and office machines in general.

Finally, the product can be used in sealing fittings in vacuum systems.






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GREASE Al SPRAY is an anti-seizing, protecting and lubricating grease for very high temperatures and extreme pressures.
The product contains micronized aluminum particles that have the function of reducing friction between the coupled surfaces, acting as microscopic "ball bearings".
It behaves like an appreciable protective against corrosion and performs a perfect sealing action on gaskets and fittings that work at high temperature.

  • It doesn’t leave carbon deposits.
  • It resists up to 1200 ° C (2200 ° F).

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GREASE BENT is a synthetic, infusible grease, specific for high temperatures.
Unlike normal soap-based greases, which normally have a drop point, that is melting, between 150 and 250 ° C, GREASE BENT can be considered as infusible.
In other words, it doesn’t have a drop point and therefore doesn’t lose consistency and does not liquefy close to the decomposition temperature.

The main constituent of GREASE BENT is natural smectite, also known as bentone, a substance characterized by a particular "lamella" structure.
The bentone lamellae are extremely flexible and at the same time very robust.

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It is a grease based on lithium soaps dispersed in fatty substances of vegetable origin and with biodegradable additives.
The absence of mineral oils makes it suitable for the lubrication of machinery used for special processes such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and is also safer for the operator.
It is characterized by a high EP power (extreme pressures), a good resistance to water washout (hot and cold), a low freezing point and a high drop point (which involves the absence of dripping to high operating temperatures).

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Synthetic, colourless lubricant with LUBRICATING AND PROTECTIVE properties. GREASE CHAIN is packaged exclusively in 400 ml spray bottles which must be shaken well before use. The product, after application, appears as white foam that quickly releases the gas contained in it, turning into a clear, odourless layer of fairly large thickness.  The product layer strongly adheres to the support and its lubricating and protective action remains unaltered at temperatures between -30ºC and +240ºC.

  • It protects against oxidations and any corrosions, also in high humidity conditions and in particularly aggressive atmospheres. 

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GREASE Cu is a lubricant with anti-seize properties, for high temperatures and extreme pressures. The product’s action is triggered by particles of colloidal copper that prevent seizing phenomena and act as sliding bearing during the disassembly phase. 

  • GREASE Cu allows firmer tightening and easy releasing. 
  • It protects the threads and coupled surfaces against rust, pitting and seizing under pressure
  • It does not leave carbonaceous deposits and boasts excellent waterproofing properties.
  • It sustains temperatures up to 1100ºC (2000ºF).

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Lubricant grease, absolutely colorless and odorless, suitable for the lubrication of machinery in the food industry.

The USDA, United States Department of Agriculture has established that in Food processing plants lubricants used must not be harmful in case of contact with the line of food, therefore excluding products containing toxic substances 

such as lead, antimony, mercury and other hazardous compounds.

The GREASE FOOD meets the requirements certified by USDA Grade H1.

This product can be used in plants where there is the possibility of accidental contact with food. This lubricant is ideal for bakeries, canning plants, meat & poultry plants and beverage industries.

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It is a lubricant containing lithium soaps with EP (extreme pressures) additives, conceived for lubrication in extreme operating conditions. Characterised by a high resistance to high operating temperatures (up to +200ºC), GREASE HT performs well also at -40ºC, thus favouring start-ups in cold temperatures. It is not washed away by water, it is resistant against cutting stresses and the wearing action caused by extended periods of operation. The lubricated metal surfaces improve their resistance against the oxidizing action caused by oxygen and humidity.

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Lithium grease, white, containing titanium dioxide and zinc. Titanium dioxide is a white substance, generally amorphous, odorless and tasteless. Its main feature is represented by being completely insoluble in water and acids. It is therefore the most suitable additive to improve the characteristics of a lithium soap grease and to make it absolutely inert with respect to the washing action of the water.

The GREASE MARINE is the most suitable product for the lubrication of any mechanism that operates in a very humid environment or even subjected to the continuous action of fresh water, sea water and corrosive solutions.

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It is a two-component lubricating grease: it contains lithium soaps with molybdenum disulphide, suitable to be exposed to heavy stresses and high temperatures. It substitutes those greases or lubricants that lose their gripping action at higher temperatures due to their composition, and that boast a low drop point value.  Thanks to the typical ‘sponge’ structure of the lithium soap, the adherence to the surfaces to lubricate is such to avoid destruction phenomena of the grease, as it often occurs in ball bearings and rolls. Other types of additives are also contained in the product like: anti-rust and anti-oxidants.

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It is product formulated to meet the demand for lubricating grease resistant to high temperatures.
The KEFLON GREASE consists of a special high boiling fluid and a thickened-organic feel.
The main features of the product are conferred by this high percentage of PTFE as an additive, thus obtaining a product with behavior and characteristics superior to those of normal greased infusions.

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Spray products containing polytetrafluoroethylene. Two versions are available:


KEFLON LUBRIFICANTE (lubricant action)


White lubricant containing polytetrafluoroethylene dispersed in synthetic oil. The product does not stain, drip nor dry, and boasts excellent protective and anti-wear properties. It reduces torsional stresses and is resistant against significant temperature changes (-20/+140ºC).

  • Steel conveyor belts and roller conveyors 
  • Bottling and packaging machines


Whole cut oil based on mineral oil and lubricating additives.
It is a specific product for cutting and processing aluminum and all its alloys.
Lubrint Al is particularly suitable for milling, turning and drilling on automatic and semi-automatic lathes and for all fast cutting operations for which a high degree of finishing is required.



Transparent whole fluid, blue in color and free from unpleasant odors.

The product has a low viscosity, and is ready to use for cutting and processing all aluminum alloys.
Ideal for milling, turning, drilling and cutting of aluminum and respective alloys, but can also be used on all metals and soft steels (which don’t require EP additives).

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Neat cutting oil containing mineral oil and additives with lubricating properties. It is a specific product for cutting and working aluminium and all its alloys.

  • The product features low vapour pressure, which is able to minimize the emission of mists and fumes. 
  • It boasts good lubricating properties, which minimize the wearing of the tool, thus increasing its useful life.
  • It is free of any unpleasant odours and boasts a high flashpoint, thus being safer for the operator. 
  • The doses of use of the product are extremely low, therefore it is a cost effective solution
  • It is particularly resistant against oxidation and microbiological degradation. 

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Neat cutting oil containing mineral oil and additives with lubricating properties. It is a specific product for cutting and working aluminium and all its alloys.

  • The product features low vapour pressure, which is able to minimize the emission of mists and fumes. 
  • It boasts good lubricating properties, which minimize the wearing of the tool, thus increasing its useful life.
  • It is free of any unpleasant odours and boasts a high flashpoint, thus being safer for the operator. 
  • It is highly concentrated, therefore it can be diluted (at least 50%) with KEMPERSOLV 60.

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Mineral based cutting oil with anti-wear, anti-salt and anti-oxidation additives.
It forms a veil of lubricating oil very resistant to removal and degradation oxidation, providing a lubrication that remains constant over time without forging sludges or gums.

  • It has a good protective power, which preserves machines and machined parts from rust.
  • It has a high flash point which makes it safe for the operator.
  • Low vapor pressure, to avoid the formation of fumes and annoying odors for the operator.

LUBRINT Fe is specific for the processing of all ferrous metals, cast irons and special steels

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The LUBRO CUT is a synthetic oil specifically for tapping, threading and drilling operations.
With just one product you can perform work on any type of material:
-  Stainless steel with high content in chrome, nickel, manganese and titanium.
-  Normal and soft steels.
-  Manganese and silicon-manganese bronzes.
It contains anti-wear additives, anti-seizing agents and special solvents able to accentuate the cooling power.
It doesn’t form rubbery sludge, it isn’t flammable and doesn’t produce harmful fumes for the operator.


LUBRO DRAW is a specific formulation to be used as a lubricant additive in the operations of:


The product has the function to create a strong and tough film between the working material and the tool, in order to facilitate sliding and to prevent seizures and scuffs.

LUBRO DRAW is a very fluid and fast-evaporating, so it eliminates the final degreasing of pieces.

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LUBRO MIN is an oil emulsifiable in water, with lubro-refrigerant properties. The basic mineral oil used in its formula is highly refined, thus preventing quick destabilizations of the emulsions and formation or rubbery sludge.  The solvents used feature high heat rate, therefore they are able to disperse the heat developed during the removal phase. This peculiarity prevents the deformation of the tool and component. The bacterial stabilizer boasts a wide operating range and is extremely durable; in addition to eliminate the bacterial load, it prevents the harmful formation of “biofilm”, which clogs the emulsion’s dispensing system.

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LUBRO SEMISINT is a semisynthetical lubricoolant very proper for every kind of medium/slight operations and workings regarding the removal of shaving, whether on ferrous metals, or on aluminium and its alloys.

The product is composed by completely synthetic lubricoolant and by mineral emulsionable oil.

It’s represented the best solution in order to make with only one product almost every possible operations and to have in the same time the following important advantages:

LUBRICANT. The product has manifest lubricant characteristics, which allow to make workings with the best precision.

ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT. Without including dangerous additives against the operators, antibacterical activity of the product assures a long lasting to the lubricoolant without dangerous bacterical

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The LUBRO SEMISINT M is a semi-synthetic lubricant with special lubricating additives, anti-rust and preservatives for operations in the removal of chips from products made of iron, steel and aluminum alloys.
The product works very well to obtain high finishes, both on ferrous materials and on aluminum, for machining of the type: boring, threading, drilling, milling, tapping, internal grinding, turning and parting off.

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Lubro Semisint Q is a semi-synthetic lubro-refrigerant with medium content of mineral oil.

  • Ideal for cutting and grinding operations on most common materials
  • It combines cleaning and deterging properties of synthetic products with the lubricating properties of products containing mineral oil.
  • It forms emulsions which are extremely stable in time and it is resistant to waters with high hardness levels (suggested water hardness 13° - 85°F).

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Semisynthetic refrigerant lubricant, with medium mineral oil content.

  • It combines cleaning and detergent properties of synthetic products with properties lubricants for high mineral charge products.
  • It finds correct use in cutting and grinding operations on cast iron products and various types of steel, poth on single machines and CNC machines.

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High performing synthetic lubro-refrigerant liquid soluble in water, indicated for all operations where the quality of the surface finish and lubricating properties are an essential requirement.

LUBRO SINT LF doesn't contain mineral oil, but exclusively synthetic lubricants; it is emulsifiable in water and boasts a low environmental impact. It allows performing any type of cutting process on any material.

Recommended for demanding operations on cast iron, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

  • Free of mineral oil
  • Free of chlorine
  • Bio resistant



SEVEN PLUS is a penetrating oil that releases nuts, bolts and coupling without damaging the metal. The product is able to penetrate inside gaps which are difficult to reach, and quickly dissolves layers of rust, tar, carbonaceous deposits, graphite and corroded layers. It quickly and effectively penetrates inside coupled parts or among threads, releasing and lubricating any seized or rusted surface. The product boasts double action.

  • It dissolves and eliminates all those substances that seize sliding surfaces between each other
  • It creates a lubricating film among layers that favours sliding and allows disassembling the components without damaging them.

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Five products with five different functions in one single container. SEVEN is a multi-purpose chemical product boasting excellent properties:

LUBRICATING. It completely and evenly covers the surfaces with a film that lubricates any mechanism.

DEWATERING. The low surface tension of the product makes it capable of penetrating into any interstices or irregularities, even microscopic ones, and replacing any traces of moisture or condensation present. SEVEN does not conduct electricity and the layer that forms protects against short circuits and unwanted electric discharges. 


VECTIS are formulated to be used in all circulation systems and therefore in a wide range of applications such as centrifugal pumps, alternative hydraulic pumps, textile machines, alternative vacuum pumps, woodworking machines, printing machines, machine tools, machines.
for the chemical industry, vibrating sieves, cellulose processing machines, reciprocating compressors, rolling bearings that rotate at low rpm/min., lubrication of gearboxes where no addition of Extreme Pressure is required.

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Lubricating oil, absolutely odorless and colorless, based on methylpolysiloxane, with lubricating, protective and anti-adhesive action.

It is a completely inert product compared to the materials it comes into contact with, which has very low toxicity and performs its function in a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 250 ° C.

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VECTIS AIR is a specific lubricating oil for compressed air systems. Prevents the condensation deposit in the various points of the system and the consequent oxidation

The viscosity and density values of the oil make the separation of the aqueous phase in the cup immediate and that the mechanical action of the compressed air can form an oily aerosol which covers the inner walls of the pipes and of all the connected kinematisms. (ex .: solenoid valves).

This allows optimal functionality and durability plant.

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The VECTIS DEXRON ATF is a hydraulic fluid to be used in automatic transmissions and torque variators.

Main characteristics of the product:

  • High viscosity index which allows a lower viscosity variation when temperature changes and therefore allows its use in a wide range of temperatures, from the highest to the lowest, ensuring the right viscosity for each
  • Good demulsibility, which allows an easy separation of water, avoiding the formation of emulsions and the consequent deterioration of the lubricating properties.

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  • Fully synthetic lubricating fluid with high viscosity index.
  • Minimum content in volatile solvents (<5%), maximum concentrations of lubricating assets, drastic reduction of VOCs.
  • High flash point.
  • Suitable for use in food environments where H1 grade is required.
  • High lubricating capacities that remain constant over time reducing relubrication interventions.
  • Energy savings due to its lubricating properties EP and viscosimetric.
  • Excellent corrosion protection, prevents oxidation.
  • Doesn’t attract dust.

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Lubricant oil, absolutely colorless and odorless, suitable to lubrication of the alimentary plants.

In all the productive plants, it’s possible an error. The American company USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, has established that in alimentary plants must be used lubricant products that, in case of error and so in contact with the line of food, will not be dangerous for health. For this reason, on these plants, the products containing   toxic substances like lead, antimony, mercury and the others organic dangerous components, are excluded.

VECTIS FOOD satisfies the requirements of USDA Grade H1 certification: "This product can be used in plants in which it’s possible an accidental contact with foods".

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VECTIS GEAR are multigrade oils specially additived for gearboxes and differentials of cars, trucks and buses.
The two viscosity grades available make it possible to cover the entire range available on the automotive market, guaranteeing perfect lubrication and protection of all types of gearboxes and differentials, in any climate, at any temperature or operating conditions.
VECTIS GEAR can also be used in self-locking hypoid gears.


Hydraulic wear-resistant oils of new formulation with characteristics not found in traditional hydraulic oils:

  • Rapid separation of water without the formation of slime, foams or emulsions.
  • High oxidation stability, and consequently longer life of the lubricant.
  • High flash point, for the safety of the user and machines.
  • Anti-foaming power in the presence of air infiltration in the system.
  • Absence of sludge that may impede filterability.
  • Low ash content, to break down carbonaceous residues at high temperatures.
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion power.
  • Low pour point which makes the exercise possible even at low temperatures.

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Synthetic oil for rotary compressors with a high compression ratio, formulated with synthetic oils and additives that give it the following characteristics:

  • High flash point.
  • Low freezing point which allows its use even in the case of compressors positioned outdoors.
  • High detergency that keeps the lubricated surfaces clean.
  • Resistance to oxidation, which gives high chemical-physical stability. The oil can remain in operation for long periods of time without causing the formation of sludge
  • No carbon formation at high temperatures. Any residuals that are formed are light and brittle and are dragged by the air stream.
  • High greasiness that preserves the machine from accelerated wear and protects metal surfaces from condensation of moist air, preventing the formation of rust.
  • Strong demulsivity that favors a complete separation of water from oil; this property is very appreciated for the recovery of the oil in view of a subsequent reuse.

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VECTIS LUBE is a mineral lubricating oil with EXTREME PRESSURE additive, specific for the lubrication of linear and helical type cylindrical gears subjected to high contact pressures.
This is the most suitable product for the lubrication of gear reducers, worm gear, spherical plain bearings, translation screws, hydrokinetic joints, etc.

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It is a micronized molybdenum bisulphide lubricant spray and dispersed in an oil matrix with added anti-rust and antioxidant properties.
Thanks to the structural properties of the molybdenum bisulphide molecule, a lubricating film with a very low friction coefficient is formed, stable even in extreme conditions: high pressures and high temperatures.
It doesn’t decompose, does not increase in thickness and does not form rubbery sludge, is water-repellent and is antistatic.
Avoid dry departures.

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It is a paraffinic oil with a high degree of refining and with additives that give it: a high viscosity index (SAE 15W50), good anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties, but above all a high detergent power that keeps the cylinders clean.
It can be classified as a SHPD oil (Super Hight Performance Diesel) which makes it suitable for diesel, turbo and aspirated engines, cars and trucks subject to heavy work (HD: Heavy Duty).


It is a transparent lubricant with special anti-wear additives for fast circular type textile machines for socks and knitwear.
It doesn't affect or stain textile fibers, it removes the dust that settles on the yarn sliding holes and doesn’t attack metals.
Its viscosity is such as to maintain a good degree of lubrication even in the fastest machines, avoiding them the phenomenon of overheating and the formation of sludge.

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WOOD OIL products are formulated to a highly lubricating and resistant to extreme pressures and high temperatures that develop in woodworking with machine tools.

  • It doesn’t contain silicones, which could cause problems in subsequent painting operations

  • It doesn’t contain mineral oils that could leave residues and damage the surface of the wood.

  • It protects machines and equipment from rust.

  • Prevent resin scaling on tools.

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