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LUBRO MIN is an oil emulsifiable in water, with lubro-refrigerant properties. The basic mineral oil used in its formula is highly refined, thus preventing quick destabilizations of the emulsions and formation or rubbery sludge.  The solvents used feature high heat rate, therefore they are able to disperse the heat developed during the removal phase. This peculiarity prevents the deformation of the tool and component. The bacterial stabilizer boasts a wide operating range and is extremely durable; in addition to eliminate the bacterial load, it prevents the harmful formation of “biofilm”, which clogs the emulsion’s dispensing system.



Aspect: liquid

Colour: brown

Density (20ºC): 0.95 Kg/lt

pH (1% sol.): 9.2

Flashpoint: +180ºC

Refractometric factor: 0.91




For improved stability and optimal performances of the emulsions, we recommend preparing them using mixers of the “MIXER” line. Please follow the relative instructions. In case of manual preparation, add the oil slowly into the water while shaking. The concentration range to use is 3-6% (30-60 gr/lt). To extend the life of the emulsion, we recommend adding preservative BIOSAN LUBRO on a regular basis, especially during long idle periods and in hot seasons.  In case of an excessive dose of lubricant for guides, which could pollute the vat containing the lubro-refrigerant solution, limiting the oxygenation, we suggest applying a mechanical degreaser or using absorbing pads (DESORB 6002). Check the solution’s pH (9-9.5) and bacterial load on a regular basis using MINIKIT SLIDE microbiological test. 

WARNINGS: prepare the fresh emulsions in clean and sanitized containers and/or vats. Never mix emulsions of different type. 



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