MBL COMPOST 300 is a biological activator in powder form, formulated from a mixture of bacterial cultures, enzymes, yeasts, fungi, and nutrients, able to improve and accelerate the composting process.

With its use, the natural composting process is thus optimized, during which the organic matter is decomposed by microorganisms, present in nature, into mineral salts, humus, water and carbon dioxide.

MBL COMPOST 300 produces a rapid degradation of animal and vegetable organic waste and those deriving from the cultivation of vegetable gardens and gardens, allowing to obtain a natural fertilizer of the highest quality. The fertilizer can be used as a natural and ecological substrate for potting and fertilizing both outdoor and indoor plants.



  • Acceleration of the composting process with the production of a highly nutritious humus
  • It produces a rapid rise in the temperature of the degradation process
  • It is active in both aerobic and anaerobic environments
  • Inactivation of weed seeds
  • Control of bad odors
  • Rapid degradation of lignin and cellulose
  • Reduction of the volumes of waste treated



For use in heaps (vegetable gardens, gardens fields): make a heap with a draining substrate, favoring a shady place in the summer and sunny in the winter. The substrate can be made by mixing green scraps (grass clippings, fresh vegetable scraps, kitchen scraps, etc.) with brown scraps (straw, dry leaves, cardboard, sawdust etc.) and wood scraps, as long as they are small in size, otherwise grind them.

Heap dosage: pre-dilute 100-200 gr. of  MBL COMPOST 300 in 10 - 30 liters of warm water, mix under stirring. To optimize the "awakening" and acclimatization of microorganisms, blow air or shake the mixture for 1-2 hours before inoculation. Dose the diluted solution during the creation of the heap at the rate of 5 liters per m3.

For use in composter: place the composter in a place with conditions similar to those of the heap, possibly in direct contact with the ground.

Dosage in composter: at the base of the composter above the draining layer, distribute evenly on the surface 50 - 80 gr. of powder of our biological activator MBL COMPOST 300. Repeat the dosage at least three times according to the layers obtained.

Maitenance: restart the procedure after each large addition of waste.


Bacterial activity requires moisture to function, so it is important to keep the degree of this in the compost pile between 40-50%. If you can squeeze the water out of your compost, it's too wet, if it crumbles it's too dry. If it stays compact and doesn't release moisture, that's okay!To get the right level of humidity, you need to wet the material if it is too dry, or add new dry material if it is too wet. In case of excessive or frequent rain, cover the heap with jute or geotextiles. Distribute our biological activator evenly over the entire surface. Turn the material over at least once or twice during the composting cycle. The temperature range for a correct process is between 5 and 45°C.



  • Physical aspect: granular powder of light brown color
  • pH range: 6,8 - 8,5
  • Specific weight: 0,5 - 0,61 g / cm3 approximately
  • Moisture content: less than 15%
  • Nutritive content: biological nutrients and stimulants
  • Bacterial concentration (C.f.u.*): 300 million / ml. *colony-forming units



1, 5 and 20 kilo plastic pails with measuring cup



12 months (if properly stored, in closed containers).

Store in a cool place away from light and heat sources.


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