Kemphos: phosphating with iron and zinc salts
Kemphos DG: phospho-degreaser with mixed salts of iron and zinc
Kemphos P: phospho-degreaser for medium-low thickness, plurimetal
Kemphos S: phosphosgrassing medium-high thickness, plurimetal
Kemphos DEC: phosphodecapser. Specification MIL-C-10578D (Type VI)

Kemphos Antiscalant: antiscale additive for phospho-degreasing solutions
Kemphos AD Acid: acidifying and wetting additive
Metaldec Al 2: degreaser additive for aluminum and zinc
Kemphos pH +: additive for pH control
Antifoam P: anti-foam for degreasing during pre-painting
Descal Rust P: pickling agent for ferrous surfaces pre-phosphating.

Kemphos S2: trimetal phospho-degreaser

Convert Zr: conversion treatment nanotechnology multi-metal pre-painting.

Kemphos Tech: ecological passivating no-rinse for phosphating cycles


Kempersolv 24: odorless solvent, chlorine free, with rapid evaporation. Specification AER-M-P 073E (Type 2)

Kempersolv 42: odorless, rapidly evaporating solvent, chlorine-free. Specification MIL PRF 680A (Type I)

Kempersolv 60: odorless, controlled evaporation solvent, chlorine free, Specification MIL PRF 680A (Type II)

Kempersolv 73: odorless solvent with controlled evaporation, with high solvent power, free from chlorinated.



Derkemp Mat G: alkaline HD detergent for ferrous surfaces

Derkemp Mat F2: alkaline degreaser with controlled foam

Derkemp Mat L3: L.F.alkaline for interoperational degreasing or in preparation fophosphating

Derkemp Mat FL: degreasing detergent specific for light alloys.

Dermat 105: alkaline powder detergent with controlled foam, multi-metal.

Kemphos Ad Wet: degreasing additive for phosphate baths.


Kemfloc D: product with coagulating and flocculating action
Kemfloc WP: specific products for the treatment of over-spray by water-based paints
Kemfloc San Special: sanitizing agent for spray booth water
Biosan Antislime: Sanitizing agent for spray booth water
Aram Strip: peelable solvent-based paint, opaque white color
Aram strip 2P: peelable paint that can be used on paints and on plastic
Descal Light: descaler for cleaning water circuits in spray booths.

Kemfloc Bnt-Pc: flocculants for mud-removal systems / flotation


Kemperstrip A: Cleaner for spray guns and airbrushes

Kemperstrip E: Two-component immersion paint stripper.

Kemperstrip D: two-component immersion paint stripper, with corrosion inhibitor for ferrous surfaces, to be used hot

Kemperstrip 2: immersion paint stripper free of methylene chloride for heavy use even on aluminum

Kemperstrip P: paint stripper immersion, free from chloride, emission-free, exclusively for ferrous surfaces.
Kemperstrip Gel: gel paint stripper, free from phenols. Specification MIL-R-81294D Type I Class 2 °
Kemperstrip Gel SFA: paint stripper in acid gel, free from phenols. Specification MIL-R-81903AD Type III Class 2A Specification SAE AMS 1376B
Kemperstrip Avio: immersion paint stripper. MIL-R-81903 ° Specification (Type III - Class 2)



Vectis Chain: synthetic lubricant, resistant to high temperature, for chains and conveyor belts. Loose and spray
Vectis Kompressor: synthetic oil for compressors. Specification DIN 51506VB-L-VC-VD

Vectis Air: Anti-condensation lubricant for nebulisers
Vectis: hydraulic oils, ISO 22-32-46-68-100-150
Grease Bent: infusible grease for high temperature, loose or in cartridge
Pronex Red: anti-corrosion additive for ferrous alloys.



Derkemp Mat G: energetic alkaline detergent for heavy use


Nuvis Green: energetic gel for very heavy dirt
Nuvis Red: delicate gel with microspheres
Nuvis White: gel with microspheres, without solvents
Nuvis Pasta Bianca: hand-washing paste with softening action
Nuvis: concentrated industrial liquid handwash


Analysis Kit: simple analytical test to evaluate process water and product concentration
Dosers: automatic or semi-automatic systems for dosing products

The Kemper laboratory has studied new surface pretreatment systems based on the most advanced nanotechnologies.
Our technical staff will be happy to illustrate these new technologies and to collaborate with users to verify the most suitable processes for their specific needs.

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