Descal 21: product developed for the treatment of a wide range of marbles, both white and colored.
Descal 21 X: more energetic version for particularly hard marbles.
Descal 22: to obtain a fine-grained surface.


Descal light: removal of traces of iron oxides from marble and granite.
Pronex Wax: waxy protective for metal surfaces, liquid and spray.
Seven Spray: unlocking, lubricant, protective, dewatering.

Kemfloc: complete range of flocculants for water treatment
Pronex Red: anti-corrosion additive for recirculating water.


Grease Marine: grease with high resistance to water and corrosive environments.
Grease HT: grease based on lithium soap for high temperatures


Kempersolv 60odorless solvent mixture.

Kempersolv ELNdeoxidizer for electrical and electronic equipment.


Format Smog: smog removal and atmospheric pollution.

Descal Acid: removal of compact layers of marble dust

DE Foam: cleaning of trolleys and handling machinery.

Derkemp CH: multi-functional degreasing detergent


Nuvis: for professional dirt, not abrasive.
Nuvis White: pumpable with microspheres


Stain Off: hydro-oil repellent treatment.

Aram Idrostop: water-repellent solvent-based.

Aram: water-repellent water-based

Aram Floor-Aram Floor 26: wet effect waterproofing materials for tuff, pietra serena, carparo, Lecce stone etc.

Kempro Stone: acrylic water repellent protective for porous stones.

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