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Clear impregnating product that penetrates the structure of components, creating a layer underneath that prevents water penetration. The product does not alter the support’s breathability, thus remaining permeable to air despite repelling water in its liquid state. Since humidity cannot get through, the plaster or paint remain applied to the wall without crumbling. ARAM IDROSTOP doesn't alter the stones or colour of the base; it creates a barrier against “acid rain”, it reduces efflorescences and penetration of saline solutions in sea environments. The surfaces are cleaner since rain washes away dirt more easily compared to non-treated surfaces that absorb both rain and dirt. 

ARAM IDROSTOP treatment repels water thus preventing the latter from freezing inside the material, causing crumbling and flaking. Dye or paint as required after the treatment, avoiding water-based paints. 

ARAM IDROSTOP can be applied on: plasters, concrete, masonry, bricks, cement mortar, tiles, natural stones, pots, terracotta, cement steps, benches, footbridges, monuments. 





It can be applied using a roll, spray, brush, through immersion, on clean bases.  For improved adherence, apply ARAM  IDROSTOP on slightly wet surfaces. With regards to the quantity of product to use, this is strictly linked to the type of object and permeability (absorption); indicatively, we suggest a dose of 200-400 grams of product per metre square of surface. The product contains a percentage of polysiloxane higher than 8%.



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