BIOSAN STERIDET.Sanitizing detergent in powder for livestock applications. No risk for the operator, non-corrosive, non-irritating,it doesn't emit toxic or harmful fumes. It can be used in the presence of animals.

BIOSAN K. Fumigant tablet. It provides quick and total environmental sanitation.

NEO OPP. NEW ! Fumigant tablet. It provides quick and total environmental sanitation on farms and hatcheries. Orthophenylphenol based.

TAIL CONTROL. Deterrent against pigs cannibalism available in bulk or in spray can. Essential both in farms and in slaughterhouses.

BIOSAN PBG. Sanitizer suitable for applications in: ventilation, hydraulic and cooling systems.


BIOSAN GLUTAL.Broad-spectrum sanitizer, suitable for the sanitization of passing vehicles in farms.

DERMILK G POLVERE. Concentrated chloro- active alkaline detergent for systems/machinery washing.

BIOSAN IODIO. Iodine sanitizer for systems and equipment.

BIOSAN BAC. Quaternary salts sanitizer for systems and equipment.

POWDERSAN 2. Sanitizing powder for animal bedding. Releases oxygen in a controlled man- ner.

MASTER PRE DIP. Pre-milking sanitizing detergent.

MASTERFIL. Post-milking filming gel, also available with iodine (MASTERFIL J).

DERMILK BP. Foot soaking effective for improving the safety of the animal foot and the prevention of lameness.


BIOSAN CLORFOAM. Alkaline chlorine foam- ing

BIOSAN CLORGEL. Innovative chlorine alka- line foaming gel. Dramatically reduces water consumption.

DESCAL ACID FOAM. Descaling acids foam- ing, also available in the sanitizer version.


STARTER B1.Biological activator prevents the formation of smelly crusts.

STARTER RSU.Biological liquid activator, with odors remover, for a complete control of the ol- factory harassment.

ACTIV.Smell neutralizer, suitable for both, in- doors and open areas. An inexpensive and per- forming apparatus for an easy application, is available.


DESCALIT.High concentrated descaling pow- der sulfamic acid based.


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