BIOSAN STERIDET. Powered decontaminating detergent for zootechnical use. Does not present risks for the operator, at the recommended dosages: not corrosive, not irritating, it does not emit toxic or harmful vapors.

BIOSAN K. Fumigant tablet. It provides quick and total environmental sanitation.

NEO OPP. NEW ! Fumigant tablet based on Orthophenylphenol for the treatment of poultry farms and hatcheries and in general of closed farms.

TAIL CONTROL SPRAY. Deterrent against pigs cannibalism. Essential both in farms and in slaughterhouses.


BIOSAN GLUTAL. Highly effective detergent suitable or the treatment of vehicles passing through the farm.

BIOSAN IODIO. Cleaner for plants and equipment.

BIOSAN BAC. Cleaner for systems and equipment, environments and floors.

POWDERSAN 2. Powder stabilizer whit deodorizing action for bedding. It releases oxygen in a controlled way.

DERMILK G.Liquid and powder  (DERMILK G POLVERE)  detergent for milking machines.

DERMILK Z.Powder cleaner for milking machines

DERMILK SS. Weekly descaler for milking plants



BIOSAN CLORFOAM. Alkaline chlorine foaming

BIOSAN CLORGEL. Innovative chlorine alkaline foaming gel. Dramatically reduces water consumption.

DESCAL ACID FOAM. Descaling acids foaming, also available in the sanitizer version.




MBL FARM. Biological activator, prevents the formation of foul-smelling organic encrustations.

MBL FRESH 50. Liquid biological activator with odor suppressor for the complete control of olfactory nuisances.

MBL FARM POULTRY. Bacterial activator in powder form for the treatment of poultry and rabbit manure in bedding.

MBL COMPOST 300. Biological activator for composting.

MBL BIOGAS CH4. Bacterial enzymatic activator for biogas plants.




ACTIV. Odor neutralizer, suitable for both closed and open areas. High-performance and economical dispensing systems available.

NUVIS SAN. Hand washing (registered cosmetic) specific for use in zootechnics.

NUVIS GEL. 75% v / v hydroalcoholic gel (registered cosmetic) for no-rinse applications.



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