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It is an hand soap in gel state completely colorless and absolutely without any kind of surface-active agents.

His usage lets to obtain a very fast throwing down of the skin bacterical charge removing the hazard of the cross contamination inside the food-factories and pubblic exercises (shops, supermarket, ambulants).

It can be inclused in the protocol of detergence and disinfection of the HACCP plan, with particular reference to those critical points, of the productive chain, which require a frequent treatment of the operators’ skin sanification and their  sending away from the working place.

NUVIS WASH is ideal in: slaughter-houses, salami factories, ham factories, sweet-producing factories, butter and cheese factories and it is recommended for the operators employed in the preparation of the meals, in the cook-shops and in the  areas of packaging & food processing.



Physical state : gel

Color : colorless

Density(20°C) : 1,080 Kg/ltr

Water solubility : complete

Surface-active substances: absent

pH(1% solution): : 7 (Ò 0,5)




Equip the place of washing with a paper scroll; avoid the use of  promiscuous towels.

Take away with paper the most part of the dirty from the hands and then spread a nut of gel distributing it all over the skin surfice, until completely drying.

Repeat the treatment at regular times according to the frequence described in the HACCP plan.



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