MBL BIOGAS CH4 is a biological formulation in powder, which combines a blend of specifically selected bacterial strains, fast-acting enzymes, biological nutrients and stimulants. MBL BIOGAS CH4 is applied in anaerobic digestion plants for livestock sewage, waste from the MSW organic fraction, sludge obtained from the flotation of compostable organic waste, grass clippings.

The MBL BIOGAS CH4 formulation favors the increase of methane-producing microorganisms already present in the plant, as it shatters the slurry molecules, making them immediately available to them. This significantly increases the performance of the anaerobic digestion systems, increasing their biogas yield, reducing the volumes of sludge sent to landfills and energy costs.



  • The plant's biogas production increases
  • It reduces sludge and, consequently, reduces its handling and disposal costs
  • Generates lower energy needs for aerobic treatment
  • Eliminates odors and polluting emissions
  • It allows quick start-ups and an immediate response in the event of system disruptions
  • Maintain the purity of the biogas produced
  • Improves the biodegradation of COD
  • It improves the efficiency of the plant, reducing operating costs
  • Recommended for organic farming



MBL BIOGAS CH4 is used in a variety of food and non-food industries, which use anaerobic systems to treat their waste. Furthermore, it is used in biogas production plants deriving from the collection of urban organic waste, from sewage sludge, from agro-industry residues, from manure produced by intensive farming, ecc.



MBL BIOGAS CH4 must be added daily directly to the incoming waste stream, just before entering the anaerobic treatment unit or lagoon.

Insemination:            dose directly into the digester feed screw on the first day from 50 to 100 g for each ton of wastewater to be treated contained in the reactor

Starting:                     dose 15-35 gr for each ton of wastewater to be treated entering the reactor directly into the digester feed screw for the next 6-10 days

Keeping:                    dose daily, directly into the digester feed screw, 1-2 gr for each ton of wastewater to be treated entering the reactor



  • Physical aspect: granular powder of light brown color
  • Stability: maximum loss of 1 log per year
  • pH range: 7.0 - 7.5
  • Product Density: 5 – 0.61 g/cm3
  • Moisture Content: Below 15%
  • Nutrient Content: Biological nutrients and stimulants
  • Bacterial concentration: (C.f.u.*) 5 x 10^9 per gram * colony-forming units



The bacteria in MBL BIOGAS CH4 perform within a pH range of between 6.5 and 9.0, with optimum activity near a pH of 7.5. Temperature affects the growth rate of the bacterial population and activity improves with a temperature of between 37°C and 38°C (99°F to 100°F). No appreciable activity can be expected below 5°C (40°F) and above 40°C (104°F).


10 kilo plastic pails


Store in a cool dry place at room temperature. The recommended storage temperature is within a range of 1°C and 60°C (34°F to 140°F).

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