MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover is used on any type of surface, sewage tanks, manure piles, storage pits, manure spreading systems, sludge, automated systems, conveyor belts, fertigation, courtyards, flooring, etc. MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover is a liquid biological activator used in stables and farms of pigs, cattle, poultry, rabbits and horses, for the neutralization of bad smells and for the digestion and fluidification of their sewage.

Its liquid form allows a considerable ease of use, especially with automated systems.

MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover is a 100% natural product, which can be used both by inoculation and by spray, composed of probiotic microorganisms, surfactants, nutrients and natural essences, extracted from flowers, fruits, roots and essential oils.

The use of MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover contributes to reducing the environmental impact in agro-livestock farms, contributing to the hygiene of the environments, as well as improving the living conditions of the animals and the working conditions of the operators.


  • Contains probiotic microorganism, which biologically decompose organic substances and transform them into water and carbon dioxide
  • It largely reduces all the reduced forms of sulfur and, consequently, the corrosion in the plants
  • It can be used in both aerobic and anaerobic environments
  • Drastic reduction of odors and ammonia fumes
  • Increases comfort, improves the growth performance of animals, increasing their health and productivity
  • Significant reduction of flies
  • It is suitable for organic farming
  • It stimulates the colonization of the beneficial bacteria in the barn environment, which help maintain a healthy balance
  • 100% natural product, safe for animals, for you and for the environment



Elimination of bad smells:The treated litter undergoes an increase in its transformation and maturation speed, by correctly regulating the nitrogen cycle and increasing its fertilizing properties

Dilute MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover from 2% to 4% in water depending on the problem to be solved

Mix Application with manual nebulizers or with automatic nebulization units: finely spray mist in the air over the sources of bad odors

First week, 1 liter of solution for every 2 square meters

Maintenance, 1 liter of solution for every 4 square meters


Slurry treatment in pig and cattle farms:

Dilute MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover 10% in water

Inoculate from 5 to 20 liters of solution for each m3 of liquid sewage

Inoculate 1 to 5 liters of solution for each m3 of semi-liquid or solid sewage

Semi-solid slurry treatment in poultry, laying hens and rabbit:

Dilute 10% - 15% MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover in water

Spray directly on the belts, immediately before the fertilizer scraper, or spray on the faeces before they fall into the collection tank

Bedding treatment in free-range poultry farms:

During the milling of the litter phase, spray a dose of 50 ml directly on the litter.dissolved in ½ liter of water per m2 (check the flow rate of the product distribution system)

Treatment and cleaning of egg conveyor belts (anaconda):

Spray directly on the egg conveyor belts by diluting MBL FARM Odor & Organic Remover at 10% in water

Note: prepare only the amount of solution needed for a day, shake the tank well before diluting in water and before applying the ready-to-use solution


  • Physical aspect: liquid
  • Color: green
  • Odour: downy
  • Stability: excellent under normal storage conditions
  • pH range:5-9.0
  • Solubility in water: 6%
  • Bacterial concentration (C.f.u.*): 100 million/ml. *colony-forming units
  • Enzyme production: lipase / protease / amylase / cellulase



 10 and 25 liter plastic cans



About 12 months, properly stored, in closed containers. Store in a dry place at room temperature and away from light and heat sources.

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