Derkemp CH: multi-purpose detergent.
Derkemp Mat G: low foam detergent for spray washes.
Dermat 110: non-caustic degreasing detergent



Metaldec liquid: pickling by immersion.
Metaldec pasta: weld remover.
Metaldec Gel - Gel P: pickling gel for welding with different degrees of finishing.
Metaldec Inox P: passivating agent for stainless steel.


Kempersolv 24: odorless solvent. Specification AER-M-P-073 E (Type 2)
Kempersolv 42: odorless solvent. Specification MIL PRF-680A (Type 1).
Kempersolv 60: odorless solvent with controlled evaporation. Specification MIL PRF-680A (Type 2).
Kempersolv PM: synthetic solvent free from hazard labeling.



Lubrint Fe: whole cutting oil.
Lubro Min: mineral lubricant.
Lubro Sint LF: high performance emulsifiable without mineral oil.
Lubro Semisint Q: multi-functional semi-synthetic, even for hard water.
Lubro Cut: oils for tapping, threading, various viscosities, both liquid and spray.



Metaldec Acc: brightening action polish for stainless steel.
Format Rapid: non-residual ready to use detergent with high degreasing power for finishing cleaning.
Format Inox: glossing product available both loose and spray.
D-OX 70: acid detergent, degreases, brightens and makes surfaces uniform.
Kempro Steel spray: protective resin based on stainless steel
Format Glass: brightening detergent, also in spray version.
Derkemp BRTT: detergent for buratto.



concentrate anti-adhesive for welding, soluble in water free of silicones and solvents.
Weld Spray: aerosol version for anti-adhesive for welding, non-flammable.
Weld S Spray: non-inflammable, non-harmful, silicone-free adhesive.
Weld Ceramic Spray: high strength anti-adhesive for MIG / MAG welding torches.
Bisolfilm Spray: anti-adhesive based on bisulphide for MIG / MAG welding torches.




Nuvis: liquid industrial handwash.
Nuvis Green: gel for very heavy dirt.
Nuvis Pasta Bianca: hand-washing paste with softening action.


De Foam: alkaline floor cleaner.
DE 30: soda free detergent for floors and plants
Desorb: series of products for dispersed absorption, available both in loose form and in tubular, pillows and handkerchiefs.



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