Dimet S: silicone release agent in liquid form.
Dimet Spray (series): silicone spray release agents with various viscosities, also in non-flammable version.

Dimet A: liquid silicone release agent miscible in water, solvent-free.

Desint: non-silicone release agent that can be diluted in water.

Desint Spray: release agent non-silicone spray.

Desint SP: permanent silicone release agent, available both loose and spray.

Desint G: specific release agent for rubber molding, available both loose and spray.


Forkal Tower: antiscaling additive for cooling towers.
Forkal Plus: antiscalant with a sludge removing action, corrosion inhibitor for closed circuits.
Biosan Antislime: product for the disgregation of the organic slime in the tower.

Biosan Alghe Special: biodisperdent sanitizing agent for towers.
Antifreez: concentrated antifreeze.
Antifreez Eco: concentrated antifreeze with low toxicity.


Pronex Oil: oily protective both liquid and spray.
Pronex Oil Light: oily protective with dewatering action.
Pronex Wax: Protective waxy concentrate.

Pronex Wax P: waxy protective ready to use.
Pronex Wax Spray: protective waxy spray..


Descal Light: descaling concentrated liquid, safe with its optimal inhibition.

Descalit: descaler concentrated in powder, safe also on aluminum, available in version with color change.


Derkemp Tool: detergent for machines and plants.
Derkemp CH: multi-purpose concentrated detergent.
Dermat 110: non-caustic degreasing detergent.

DE Foam: detergent for floors, carts and systems.

Kempersolv 42: odorless solvent medium / fast evaporation, free of chlorinated. MILPRF680A specification (type 1).

Kempersolv 60: odorless solvent with controlled evaporation, free of chlorinated.Specifies MIL PRF 680 (type 1).

Kempersolv 73: odorless evaporative solvent controlled, free of chlorinated with excellent penetrating power.


Nuvis: liquid industrial handwash.

Nuvis White: gel with microspheres, solvent-free, pumpable.

Nuvis Red: gel with microspheres with high degreasing power, pumpable.


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