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PRONEX WAX SPRAY is a ready-to-use protective agent witch dries to form a thin, transparent waxy film in aerosol form.

Provides long term, indoor or outdoor corrosion protection for ferrous and no-ferrous surfaces.

Provides a film barrier which protects against corrosion, even in severe outdoor applications.

The film of  PRONEX WAX SPRAY resists at many corrosive industrial atmospheres.

Allows colors and marking on protected surface to remain visible.

The film of  PRONEX WAX SPRAY can be easily removed with a safety solvent degreaser when desired.




Use on pipe, chains, pump, wire, cable, structural steel, equipments, parts and tools that stored outdoors or indoors.

Use on exposed metal surfaces, agricultural equipments, construction equipments, industrial machinery, bolts and ball bearings.

Recommended for marine use., ideal for protecting equipment during overseas shipment.




Physical form           :  Aerosol 

Film color : white, trasparent.

Dry time : 10’÷30’ 

Thickeness of film: 10 – 30 micron




Don’t store under 0°C.

Shake well before and occasionally use.

Clean surface of all dirt, grease and loose rust.

Hold can 30-40 cm from surface.



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