DESCAL CIP. Suitable for cleaning discs of separators or centrifuges, tanks, silos and pipes in oil mills. Also available in DESCAL BASIC FOAM version, with foaming action.
DE FOAM. Specific formulated for particularly heavy dirt with degreasing and brightening action.

DERFOOD. Strong alkaline detergent with additives with an insulating and emulsifyingactionThey are characterized by a remarkable penetrating power in regards to dirt

DERFOOD L SPECIAL. It is a product that structurally has the optimal balance of the previous ones, although it has a considerable comfort and ease of use: it has indeed been prepared in a highly concentrated liquid state.



DESCAL LIGHT A. Limescale descaler, specific for the food industry, to be used at 3-5% per operation

DESCAL ACID FOAM It is a foaming descaler with a detergent action able to act onthe deposits that form on walls, floors and systems.



DIMET 10 SPRAY. Silicone based lubricant with anti-adhesive and release agent. NSF registration = 148644

DIMET A. Silicone-based loose lubricant, miscible with water, with anti-adhesive and release agent action. Complies with FDA specifications

GREASE FOOD SPRAY. Pure, colorless and odorless grease, specific for the lubrication of plants in the food industry. NSF registration = 148643
GREASE FOOD. Pure, colorless and odorless grease, specific for the lubrication of plants in the food industry. Compliant with
FDA specifications

VECTIS FOOD SPRAY. Lubricating oil, colorless and odorless, for plants in the food industry. NSF registration = 148642

VECTIS FOOD. Colorless and odorless lubricating oil for plants in the food industry. Complies with FDA specifications



STARTER. Water soluble tablets based on bacterial spores, enzymes and nutrients able to develop an aerobic and anaerobic degradation microbial flora.

STARTER B1. Formulated in powder form with very high microbial spores, forthe activation of biodegradative, non-putrefacial fermentations for waste water collection and treatment systems.

STARTER BAG. Formulated in powder with very high microbial load for the activation of biodegradative fermentations in waste water collection systems. The particular system in 'bag', allows to create an environment that is readily favorable to the development of the microbial population thus reducing the duration of the 'lag' phase.
STARTER ZYME. stabilized aqueous solution of three types of enzymes belonging to the following classes: amylase, protease and lipase
Their combination makes the preparation suitable for the degradative attack of a complex dirt consisting of organic substances such as starches, sugars, proteins and fats, deposited on any type of surface.


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