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Lubricant oil, absolutely colorless and odorless, suitable to lubrication of the alimentary plants.

In all the productive plants, it’s possible an error. The American company USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, has established that in alimentary plants must be used lubricant products that, in case of error and so in contact with the line of food, will not be dangerous for health. For this reason, on these plants, the products containing   toxic substances like lead, antimony, mercury and the others organic dangerous components, are excluded.

VECTIS FOOD satisfies the requirements of USDA Grade H1 certification: "This product can be used in plants in which it’s possible an accidental contact with foods".

So, VECTIS FOOD is the most suitable lubricant for pasta factories, bakeries, confectionary industries, slaughter houses, sausage factories, dairies and drink’s industry.

Principal characteristics:

  • It’s not decomposed by the contact with water or steam.
  • It’s completely odourless, without colouring agents and chemical additives.
  • It’s not toxic and it’s in conformity with USDA H1 certification.
  • It stands high loads and pressures.
  • It helps to prevent the origin of  the rust.




VECTIS FOOD is available loose and in cylinder (400 ML).

When the product is loose, it must be used as a normal lubricant in according with the builder’s instructions.

On the contrary, when the product is in cylinder, it’s necessary to spray it from a distance of 20-30 cm, using the special extension  to reach the inaccessible points.

Lubricant and protective action is kept at temperatures from -20 °C to +120 °C.

VECTIS FOOD is also used for the lubrication of precision mechanisms: timer, arms, sewing machines, calculators and generally machines for the offices. It has  a strong capacity to resist the oxidations, an excellent oiliness and it’s colourless. It 

satisfies the norm ISO FD22.



Physical state: Liquid

Colour : Colourless

Odour : Odourless

Density: 870 g/L



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