Pronex Oil Light: oily protective film with low dewatering action.
Pronex Oil: oily protective, both loose and spray.
Pronex Red: antioxidant soluble in water, doesn’t contain oily substances.
Pronex Wax: series of waxy protectors, both loose and spray.



Kempersolv 24: odorless solvent, without chlorinated, (AER-M-P 073E Typ II)
Kempersolv 42: rapid evaporation solvent, free of chlorinated. (MIL PRF 680ATyp I)
Kempersolv 60: odorless evaporative controlled solvent, free from chlorinated, (MIL PRF 680A (Type II)

Kempersolv 73: odorless solvent at controlled evaporation, free from chlorinated.
Kempersolv PM: controlled evaporative safety solvent, odorless, non-flammable, without hazard labeling.



Seven Plus: quick release (loose and spray).
Metaldec black-Metal Black A + B: cold burners for ferrous metals.
Aram Strip: range of peelable paints.

Desorb: products for the absorption of the spills.



Derkemp Mat G: low foam detergent for ferrous metals.

Derkemp Mat N: detergent for soft metals with low residuality

Derkemp Mat F2: alkaline liquid detergent alluminium-safe

Dermat 105: alkaline powder detergent alluminium-safe



Lubro Cut: oils for tapping and threading, various viscosities, both loose and spray.

Lubro Draw: light drawing oil.

Lubro Semisint Q / S: multi-functional semi-synthetic.

Lubro Min: emulsifiable mineral lubricant.
Lubro Sint LF: high-performance emulsifiable lubricant  free of mineral oil.
Lubro Sint: synthetic lubricant.

Biosan Lubro: sanitizing agent for emulsions.

Lubrint: series of whole cutting oils for various metals processing.

Derkemp Emul: sanitizing detergent to be used before emulsion discharge.



DE 30: alkaline detergent, without caustic soda for floor cleaning machines

DE 75: detergent for cleaning machine tools

Dermat 110: universal detergent

Format Rapid: non-residual ready to use detergent with high degreasing power



Nuvis Red: delicate gel with microspheres
Nuvis White: gel with microspheres.
Nuvis Pasta Bianca: hand-washing paste with softening action



Venturi dispenser: emulsion mixer.

Oleometer: refractometer for emulsions

Oil separator: series of oil separators for cooling lubricant tanks.

Roll of maps: maps indicating the Ph

Minikit slide: buffer for microbiological research.

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