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Kempersolv 73 is a new product containing a mix of selected solvents, specific for degreasing operations in many industrial sectors. 

Kempersolv 73 boasts superior properties that allow solving many issues related to industrial degreasing tasks. The main characteristics of  Kempersolv 73 are:

  • High dissolvent power
  • No interaction with metal surfaces
  • Completely odourless
  • It does not carry any “flammable” labelling
  • No actual risks or hazards for operators
  • Possibility to be recycled through vacuum distillation
  • Total absence of residues on treated surfaces
  • High yield, thus reducing operational consumptions
  • low volatility, thus compliant with the VOC Directive

The unique characteristics and the lack of particular risks when using Kempersolv 73, render the product suitable for the most demanding and particular tasks.

Thanks to its high degree of pureness, Kempersolv 73 can be used to clean electric and electronic equipment, disconnected electric motors (dielectric resistance 13.5 Kvolts ASTM D877) and comb joints. Ideal for degreasing operations prior to painting processes.



Aspect: liquid, clear

Colour: colourless

Odour: odourless

Specific weight: 0.820 at 20ºC

Flashpoint: (PMCC): 61ºC



Kempersolv 73 is used as-is, manually using cloths or a brush, or by immersing the components in a static or floating tank.


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