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KEMPERSOLV 60 is a synthetic solvent, extremely pure. These characteristics make it an outstanding industrial degreaser, under many aspects: the product doesn't cause irreversible damages (R40) as chlorinated solvents.



  This product is easy and safe to handle for operators.


  • Free of chlorinated and aromatic compounds
  • Controlled evaporation (minor emissions in the atmosphere)
  • It removes greases, process oils, sludge, glues, paraffins, etc.
  • Safe on all metals and plastic materials
  • No harmful effects on the ozone layer


Viscosity: 1.6 cSt (25ºC)

Boiling point: 180-210ºC

Flashpoint: 61ºC

Density: 0.760

Boil-up rate: 98 (air = 1)

Dielectic strenght: 25 KV/cm




KEMPERSOLV 60 is used as-is, as industrial degreaser instead of traditional chlorinated and aromatic solvents which are extremely harmful for men and, in some cases, even prohibited by applicable laws. The product can be applied manually, in ultrasound or mechanical washing machines of any type and, considering the fact that it is completely immiscible with water, we recommend leaving a thin layer of water at the bottom of the tank where scales are collected, that can be easily substituted when the content of pollutants is too high.

KEMPERSOLV 60 boasts a boil-up rate comparable to water, therefore not exceptionally quick, but fairly good for regular production cycles. The elimination of the product can be remarkably sped up by heating the components at a temperature higher than ambient temperature (40 - 45ºC) or, even better, by blowing hot air on them. However, the thin protective layer that remains, does not create any inconveniences for subsequent painting works.

Please read the safety sheet for a safe use of the product.

The product is stored in the original containers for at least 5 years. 









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