MBL FRESH-X30 is a product specially made for formulators, ready for dilution with drinking water. 

It is a liquid solution, consisting of a selected blend of microorganisms, enhanced with stabilized enzymes and natural essences.

MBL FRESH-X30 has been formulated to obtain an energetic fluidization and digestion of organic matter in different areas of application and in a large variety of waste systems, together with the neutralization of bad odors. 



MBL FRESH-X30 is successfully used in the Community / Ho.Re.Ca. sector, shopping centers, waste treatment, industry, PETS and agricultural companies for the treatment of:

  • Biological, septic and imhoff tanks, cesspools, relaunch tanks, separator shafts, manholes
  • Siphons, collectors, pipes, drain pipes and sewer networks
  • Drains from sinks, shower trays, bidets, toilets, urinals, turkish toilets, tile spacing
  • Dustbins, rubbish bins, compactors, MSW storage tanks, trash rake, waste storage yards, landfills
  • Rugs, carpets, mattresses, padding, car seats
  • Car wash water storage tanks
  • Litter boxes, cages, pet carriers, boxes



It reduces expensive extraordinary maintenance interventions (use of polluting and dangerous chemical products, mechanical interventions by plumbers, purging truck, etc.).

It decreases the risk of clogging, keeping the pipes and sewer networks clean, and consequently avoids the risk of damage to the system by specialized operators who mechanically intervene for unblocking.

It reduces bad smells and, consequently, helps to create a feeling of well-being for users, both in the home and in the workplace, not creating discomfort during their stay.

By keeping the pipes and all systems clean, the reproduction of insects is considerably reduced, which are notoriously transport vehicles for pathogenic bacteria present in the sewers.

Formula designed to treat the most stubborn stains produced by pets on fabrics, sofas, carpets, padding, sheets, clothing, upholstery, absorbent surfaces in general.



  1. Shake the drum well before opening
  2. Clean, sanitize and rinse perfectly the mixer, as well as the mouth and cap of the MBL FRESH-X30 drum
  • Mix one part of MBL FRESH-X30 in twentynine parts of water
  1. Dilution and drumming must be performed under constant agitation
  2. Use a new drum for packing



  • Physical aspect: liquid
  • Odour: characteristic scented
  • Colour: green
  • pH range:5-8.0
  • Stability: excellent under normal storage conditions
  • Solubility: 99%
  • Enzymatic production: lipasi / proteasi / amilasi / cellulasi
  • Bacterial concentration (C.f.u.*): 2,1 x 10^9 per gram *colony-forming units
  • Chemotaxis: positive
  • Without: salmonella and shigella
  • Specific weight: 1000 gr / lt ± 5 at 20°C
  • Specific bacterial pool: stabilized spores of the genus Bacillus (not G.M.O.)
  • Bacterial pool classification: Group 1 according to Legislative Decree no. 81 of 09/04/2008



10 liter drum


About 12 months, properly stored, in closed containers. Store in a dry place at room   temperature and away from light and heat sources.


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