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ACTIV - odour neutralizer

ANTISLITTANTE SPRAY - antisliding for belts

ARAM water proofing, water repellent product

ARAM FLOOR + 26 - waterproofing product for cements and natural stone

ARAM IDROSTOP - impregnating and water repellent product

ARAM IMO - organic converter for rust

ARAM STRIP - strip paint

ARAM STRIP W4 - water-based strip paint

BIOSAN CLORGEL - chlorinated cleaner gel

BIOSAN K-  fumigant tablet disinfectant based paraformaldehyde

BIOSAN OPP - fumigant for professional use

BIOSAN STERIDET - Multipurpose detergent

BISOLFILM SPRAY Mos2 lubricating and anti-adhesive lacquer

DESORB - natural absorbent for liquids

DESORB 50/100 - natural absorbent for liquids

DESORB 6002 fase 1  / DESORB 6002 fase 2 / DESORB 6002 fase 3 oil absorbent pillows

DESORB B - neutralising absorbent for sulphuric acid

DESORB GEL - gelling agent for organic liquids

DESORB T - absorbent in powder for spills

DIMET SKIN SPRAY - brightening anti-adhesive for leather goods

EPOX FILLER epoxy mastic

GRAFITE SPRAY - anti-adhesive and anti-friction lubricant

GREASE CHAIN SPRAY - protective synthetic lubricant

GREASE MOS2 SPRAY - special lubricant with molybdenum

KEFLON SPRAY releasing / KEFLON SPRAY lubrificant - lubrificant and releasing with PTFE

KEMPERSIL 42 liquid remover for silicone

KEMPERSOLV 60 - non-chlorinated, colourless, solvent

KEMPERSOLV ELN SPRAY - degreaser for electronic equipment

KEMPERSOLV MT1 - degreasing solvent for motor washing

KEMPERSOLV MT2 SPRAY solvent for motor washing

KEMPERSTRIP A - detergent for spray gun

KEMPERSTRIP AVIO - two-component immersion paint remover 

KEMPERSTRIP E - two-component paint remover of immersion

KEMPERSTRIP GEL - phenol-free paint remover gel

KEMPERSTRIP GEL B - stripper gel free of methylene chloride

KEMPERSTRIP GEL SFA - paint stripper in gel without phenol

KEMPERSTRIP GEL SFA LC gel paint remover without phenol

KEMPRO  LUX - chemical chromium spray

KEMPRO GOLD -  chemical gliding spray

KEMPRO STEEL SPRAY -  protective resin containing stainless steel

KEMPRO TERM SPRAY alluminium resin for high temperatures

KEMPRO ZINCO cold chemical zinc primer

LUBRO CUT INOX SPRAY oil for tapping

LUBRO SEMISINT Q - semi-synthetic lubrorefrigerant

LUBRO SPEED SPRAY - synthetic oil for rapid tapping

METALDEC 626 de-oxidant for stainless steel

METALDEC ACC - polish for stainless steel

METALDEC AG - pickling agent for silver

METALDEC AL - etching solution for alluminium

METALDEC AL 2 - polish and deoxidizer for alluminium

METALDEC AL GEL - gel stripper for alluminium

METALDEC BLACK - cold brunisher for metals

METALDEC CU pickling agent for copper and brass

METALDEC GEL - de-oxidant for stainless steel

METALDEC GEL B - de-oxidant for stainless steel

METALDEC GEL P - de-oxidant for stainless steel

METALDEC GOLD descaler for gold

METALDEC PASTA de-oxidant for stainless steel

NEO K 7 - fumigant tablet disinfectant

NEO OPP - fumigant for professional use

PRONEX SLIM - protective dewatering anti-corrosion

PRONEX WAX - protective waxy anti-corrosion

PRONEX WAX P - protective wax anticorrosive ready to use

PRONEX WAX SPRAY protective wax coating

SEVEN PLUS SPRAY - quick anti-seize product

SEVEN SPRAY - lubricant, anti-seize, protective product

VECTIS FOOD SPRAY colorless lubricant for food industry

VECTIS MOS2 SPRAY - special molybdenum disluphide lubricant

WELD SPRAY - anti-semar for welding

WIND SPRAY - air and ice spray

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