MBL SPURGO 500 is made up of a mixture of microorganisms and nutrients for the degradation and digestion of fatty and physiological substances, food residues, paper, detergents, etc., which cause blockages and bad smells.

Once introduced into the discharges, the microorganisms contained in MBL SPURGO 500 are activated and they derive their nourishment from the substances listed above. During their activity, they produce enzymes that promote the degradation of organic substances. The activity of microorganisms effectively cleans discharge pipes, biological or septic tanks, imhoff pits, cesspits or losers, relaunch tanks, accumulation tanks, separating wells, fat traps, etc.


  • PREVENTS expensive extraordinary maintenance interventions (use of polluting and dangerous chemical products, mechanical interventions of plumbers, auto bleeding, ).
  • DECREASES the risk of clogging, keeping the pipes, the drainage collectors and the sewer networks clean, thus avoiding the risks of damage to the system by specialized operators who mechanically intervene for the
  • REDUCES bad smells and, consequently, contributes to creating a feeling of well-being on the part of users, both at home and at work, without creating discomfort during their
  • REGENERATES and MULTIPLIES the bacterial flora in discharges and biological pits with restoration of COD and prevents the eutrophication of water, as its microorganisms feed on phosphorus
  • REACTIVATES the activity of the bacterial flora, as the microorganisms multiply exponentially, reducing the need for mechanical bleeding and ensuring the proper functioning of the
  • SAFETY: by keeping the pipes and all the plants clean, the reproduction of insects, which are notoriously the vehicle for the transport of pathogenic bacteria present in the sewers, is significantly
  • NATURAL and without contraindications for humans and the environment, MBL SPURGO 500 is a biological activator in powder, containing a very high number of facultative microorganisms, active both in the aerobic and anaerobic environment, that is in the presence or absence of MBL SPURGO 500 can be used to treat the biological pits of houses, campsites, canteens, restaurants, communities, hotels, rest homes, airports and any place where there is canalization, fat collectors and septic tanks to be treated.


For optimal efficacy, introduce the product into the systems, dissolving the powder  in lukewarm water at a rate of 10% ± (100 gr of product in 1-2 lt. of water), leaving   it to rest for 15 ÷ 60 minutes; make sure that the slope in the drains is sufficient to guarantee the circulation of the product and reach the pit.

  • DOSAGE PIPES (1 scoop = 30 gr. approximately):
  • First 2/3 weeks: 50 ÷ 80 per day every 100 meters of discharge or m³ of treated waste water.
  • Maintenance and deodorization: 80 ÷ 120 gr. every 100 meters discharge or m³ of treated waste water (two times a week).
  • First 2/3 weeks: 30 ÷ 50 gr. of product per day for each m³ of
  • Maintenance and deodorization: 40 ÷ 70 gr. of product for each m³ of volume (twice a week).

For 50/100 people:

  • 40 gr. of product per day for the first 2/3 weeks
  • 70 g of product 2 times a week for maintenance / deodorization

For 100/400 people:

  • 100 gr. of product per day for the first 2/3 weeks
  • 190 g of product 2 times a week for maintenance / deodorization

For 400/700 people:

  • 120 gr. of product per day for the first 2/3 weeks
  • 240 gr. of product 2 times a week for maintenance /

It is recommended to use MBL SPURGO 500 during the inactivity of the drain.


  • Physical aspect: light brown powder
  • Odour: perceptible
  • Toxicity: non-toxic
  • Heat stability: excellent
  • pH range: 5-8.0
  • Solubility: complete
  • Bacterial concentration (C.f.u.*): 500 million / ml. * colony-forming units
  • Enzyme production: lipase / protease / amylase / cellulase
  • Usage conditions: refer to SDS
  • Chemotaxis: positive
  • Metabolism: facultative anaerobic and aerobic
  • Specific weight: 1070 gr / lt (10% ) ± 5 at 20 ° C
  • Biodegradability: does not contain surfactants
  • Bacterial pool: stabilized spores, of the genus Bacillus, natural (not G.M.O.)
  • Bacterial pool classification: group 1 according to Legislative Decree 81/08


Jars of 1-2-5-20 kg. with measuring cup.


36 months (if properly stored, in closed containers). Store in a cool place away from light and heat 


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