It is a bacterial-enzymatic formulation and plant extracts, used for the digestion of organic substances (of food origin: fats, oils, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and of physiological origin: manure) and for the elimination of bad smells caused by the its decomposition.

The sporigenic bacterial strains and natural enzymes contained in the formulation metabolize organic substances transforming them into carbon dioxide and water.

Its microorganisms are facultative, which means that they can act indifferently both in aerobic and anaerobic environments, that is, in the presence or absence of oxygen.

During their activity, they produce enzymes that promote the degradation of organic substances.

MBL FRESH 50, inside the pipes, in addition to metabolizing the organic substances, liquefies them, therefore these two activities perform a preventive action of clogging in the drains. With its regular use they will therefore remain clean and deodorized.


  • The use of MBL FRESH 50 decreases the expensive extraordinary maintenance interventions (use of polluting and dangerous chemical products, mechanical interventions of the plumbers, auto purges, ).
  • It decreases the risk of clogging by keeping the pipes and sewage systems clean and, therefore, it reduces the risk of damage to the system by specialized operators who mechanically intervene to
  • Reduces bad smells, consequently contributes to having a feeling of well-being on the part of users, in both domestic and working environments, without creating discomfort during their
  • By keeping pipes and all systems clean, the reproduction of insects, that are known to transport pathogenic bacteria present in the sewages, is significantly reduced.


Apply MBL FRESH 50 and let it act as long as possible to promote the action of microorganisms (ex. for 12 hours during the night).

Start the treatment with a double dosage and then decrease it for maintenance.

  • Elimination of bad smells: spray it directly on equipment or foul-smelling surfaces, diluted from 10% to 50% in water according to the intensity of bad smells and of the fouling’s
  • Drains: pour into each drain, on alternate days, from 20 ml to 50 ml for every 10 m of sewage line for 10/15 days (based on the entity of the obstruction that must be removed). Then pour the same amount every
  • Organic substances stain remover: remove as much of the stain as possible with paper or rags; spray or pour MBL FRESH 50 pure or diluted 50% on the stain by rubbing; leave it on for as long as possible, trying to keep the part that must be cleaned wet with water or with the product in Dry with paper or cloth.
  • Cleaning of PIPING

First 2/3 weeks: dose 30-40 ml. for every 10 mt. of pipes Maintenance: dose 15-25 ml. for every 10 mt. of pipes

  • Cleaning of BIOLOGICAL PITS (Imhoff or Septic) Biological pits (Imhoff or Septic) up to a maximum of 20 m³: First 2/3 weeks: dose 100-350 for each m³ of capacity Maintenance: dose 50-200 ml. for each m³ of capacity
  • Cleaning of FAT TRAPS / SEPTIC TANKS

(for restaurants, catering, hotels, etc.)

First 2/3 weeks


- daily presence of 50-100 people

450 ml

300 ml

- daily presence of 100-400 people

900 ml

 600 ml

- daily presence of 400-700 people

1400 ml

 900 ml

- daily presence of 700-1000 people

1800 ml

1200 ml

- daily presence of 1000-1500 people

2300 ml

1500 ml



Do not use bleach and disinfectants in general, as well as strong acid or alkaline detergents at the same time as the use of biological products. Product subject to natural sedimentation, shake before use. Perform the treatment possibly in the evening and with a timed dosing system, to avoid a rapid dragging of the product out of the affected implant. Always start the treatment from the adjacent areas to the exit in order to avoid sudden and massive accumulations of organic substances detached from the treated implants. If you dilute the product, do it only at the time of use, as the water activates the biological process and after 48 hours would be no longer effective. Wash hands after handling (this is a simple precaution, as the product is neither toxic nor aggressive).


  • Physical aspect: liquid
  • Odour: citrus lemon
  • Toxicity: non-toxic
  • Shelf life and storage: 12 months, stored in a cool and dry place above 10 °C and below 30 °C. Close the package well after
  • Heat stability: excellent
  • pH range: 6.5-8. 0
  • Stability: excellent under normal storage conditions
  • Solubility: 99%
  • Bacterial concentration (C.f.u.*): 50 million / ml. *colony-forming units
  • Enzyme production: lipase / protease / amylase / cellulase
  • Usage conditions: refer to SDS
  • Chemotaxis: positive
  • Without: salmonella and shigella
  • Specific weight: 1000 gr / lt ± 5 at 20 ° C
  • Specific bacterial pool: stabilized spores of the genus Bacillus (not M.O.)
  • Bacterial pool classification: Group 1 according to Legislative Decree 81 of 09/04/2008.


Carton of 12 bottles of 1 liter.


About 12 months, properly stored, in closed containers. Store in a dry place at room temperature and away from light and heat sources.

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