Bisolfilm Spray: dry anti-adhesive lubricant based on molybdenum bisulphide..

Weld-Weld Ready-Weld Spray:: splash-proof for water-soluble weldings free of solvents and silicones.

Weld S Spray: anti-splash for welds, free for symbols

Weld Ceramic Spray: ceramic anti-adhesive for welding torches and laser cutting, high strength and long life.



De Foam: detergent for low and high pressure applications.
Dermat 110: universal detergent for manual applications.
Format Rapid: detergent / solvent without rinsing.



Metaldec Gel: pickling gel for welding on AISI 304-316 stainless steel
Metaldec liquid: liquid pickling agent for stainless steel AISI 304-316

Metaldec Al / Al 2: pickling agents for aluminum.
Metaldec Cu: high efficiency pickling agent for copper, bronze and brass.
Descal Rust P: pickling agents for ferrous metals.



Pronex Oil - Light: oily, bulk and spray protective, with dewatering action.
Pronex Red: Water soluble antioxidant.
Pronex Wax: series of waxy protectors, both loose and spray.
Kempro Rapid: fast drying anti-rust primer.

Kempro FZ: anti-rust primer based on zinc phosphates.
Kempro Zinco: cold galvanizing, both loose and spray.
Kempro Steel Spray: protective resin for stainless steel coatings.
Kempro Gold Spray: gold-like protective resin.

Kempro Lux Spray: chemical chromium plating.
Kempro Term 300: aluminum enamel for high temperatures.



Lubro Cut: oils for tapping and threading, various viscosities, both loose and spray.

Lubro Semisint Q / S: multi-functional emulsifiable lubrocoolers semi-synthetic, even for hard water.

Lubro Min: emulsifiable mineral lubricant.

Lubro Sint FL: high performance synthetic emulsifiable lubricant.
Lubro Sint: synthetic fluid for grinding operations.



Kempertrip Gel: gelatinous paint stripper.

Kemperstrip A: paint stripper for spray guns and airbrushes.

Kemperstrip D: cold liquid paint stripper.

Kemperstrip P: hot stripping agent for ferrous metals without Dichloromethane.



Seven Plus: quick release both loose and spray.

Kemfloc: complete range for water treatment of spray booths.
Desorb: series of products for absorption of the spills



Nuvis Green: gel with microspheres, without solvents
Nuvis White: gel with microspheres, without solvents.
Nuvis Pasta Bianca: hand-washing paste with softening action.
Nuvis: concentrated industrial liquid handwash.



Kempersolv 42: odorless, rapidly evaporating solvent, chlorine-free.

Kempersolv 60/73: odorless solvents with controlled evaporation, free from chlorinated.

Kempersolv PM: controlled evaporative safety solvent, practically odorless, non-flammable, without hazard labeling, with low environmental impact.

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