Aluminum based enamel, air-drying, which forms a coating consisting of very fine aluminum powder.
The film is resistant to high temperatures, oxidation and bad weather.
It is elastic, shiny and bright appearance, easy to clean and resistant to any abrasive actions.
Thanks to the characteristics of the resin, surface cracks don’t occur when the treated surface undergoes thermal expansions.
Ideal for mechanics, garages, shipyards and aeronautics, agriculture, petrochemical industry.


Physical state: liquid with micronised aluminum dispersion
Color: light gray (RAL 9006)


The product is available in two versions:



Bulk product, in a 5 kg pack, to be applied with a brush or with an airbrush. For operating temperatures up to 300 ° C.




Packaged in 400 ml spray can.
For operating temperatures up to 500 ° C.



  • Clean, degrease and dry the surfaces to be treated carefully.
  • Apply the product forming a homogeneous and thin layer (10-15 microns), keeping in mind that if you want a heavy layer (15-25 microns) it is preferable to apply more hands, after complete drying of the previous ones.
  • Use the product at a temperature between +5 and +30 ° C.
  • At the end of the treatment let it dry for at least 24 hours..
  • If the treated surface has to withstand high temperatures, it is recommended, for the first time, to subject the piece to progressive and gradual heating up to the desired value
  • Spray version: shake the can for about 20 seconds before use and spray from a distance of 20-30 cm
  • Before storing the can, it is recommended to turn it upside down and press the dispenser in order to free it from any residual product.

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