Descal Light A: descaler inhibited based phosphoric for the food industry.
Descalit: descaler concentrated in powder form.
Descalit C: gentle descaler for aluminum membrane holders.


Format Rapid: non-residual ready to use detergent with strong degreasing power.
Format Brill: brightening detergent.
Derkemp CH: multi-purpose concentrated industrial detergent.
DE 75: alkaline detergent, non-caustic, multi-purpose concentrate.
Format Grill: strong alkaline detergent for removing organic contaminations also carbonized.
Dermilk G: specific for cleaning and sanitizing of milk and derivatives circuits.
Kempersolv 60: odorless solvent for adhesive removal.


Biosan Tabs: chlorine tablets for sanitizing faucet collection tanks and necks for water bottles.
Swimm Lq: sanitization of the entrance of the bottles.


Flytrin: concentrated product both for flying and crawling insects.
Piretro Spray: spray dispenser with controlled delivery.
Biosan Rep: insect repellent.



Kempersolv ELN: cleaner for electrical and electronic devices, both liquid and spray.

Pronex EL: water repellent protective for electrical systems.


Seven spray: release for dismantling and lubrication of mechanical parts.
Dimet 10 Spray: lubricant coin mechanism (registered NSF-H1).
Vectis Food Spray: food grade lubricant for membranes (NSF-H1). Not suitable for the membranes.
Grease Food Spray: grease for food industry (registered NSF-H1). Not suitable for the membranes of coffee machines.

Grease Food: it is the only lubricant for the membranes of coffee machines


Nuvis: liquid handwash for heavy dirt.
Nuvis White: effective pumpable gel with microspheres for professional soils.
Nuvis Wash: gels without rinsing.
Nuvis San: handwash with certified antibacterial activity.

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