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FORMAT BRILL is a silicone-based protective liquid with a shining effect to be used to polish and protect any glass surface, in satin-finished steel, in brass, formica, various laminates, plexiglass and mirrors.

The product is completely biodegradable, evaporates quickly and leaves a pleasant lavender scent.Il FORMAT BRILL completely dissolves: greases, fingerprints, residues of smog and leaves a silicone film on the surface that protects it making it water repellent and antistatic.

This protection helps keep the glass or shiny surfaces clean longer and allows periodic cleaning by passing only a dry cloth without having to intervene with the detergent each time.


Physical state : liquid

Color                : pink

Odor                 : lavender

pH                    : 7


The product is ideal for: hotels, shops, fairs, car saloons, coachbuilders, furniture and art exhibitions, museums, churches.



Dilute a part of the product with 10 parts of water; shake and spray finely on the surfaces to be treated. Wipe with a dry and clean cotton cloth.

Next, with a second cloth, polish the surface, always operating in circular way; in this way the surface will be bright and without fingerprints.

Follow the same procedure for the bodywork of the cars but avoiding to distribute it on the windshield.








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