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DE 75 is a concentrated formula that can be diluted in water with powerful degreasing action on a large number of contaminations, without attacking the surfaces. 

DE 75 can be successfully used to remove particularly tough contaminations containing inert materials like carbonaceous residues, graphite, etc... 

The particular performances of DE 75 makes it essential in all industrial applications on systems and surfaces featuring organic contaminations which are difficult to remove.

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Cutting-edge formula, specific for particularly tough dirt, with degreasing and polishing action. The product, in addition to boast high degreasing properties, it leaves the surface shiny thanks to the “wax effect” additives contained in it. 

DE FOAM features extremely interesting characteristics:

  • The product doesn't attack gaskets, plastic components and doesn't opacifies paints.
  • It is cost-effective since it can be diluted in water.
  • It doesn't contain acids, chlorinated solvents and doesn't release toxic substances.
  •  Contains biodegradable surfactants according to Regulation (EC) Nr. 648/2004

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It is a two-component alkaline degreaser soluble in water, able to remove oily residues, sludge and any type of dirt with organic component. It is ideal to wash car, lorry, bus bodies, campers, engines, tarps and industrial floors (mechanical workshops, garages, parking lots). In bird farms, it is particularly suitable to remove fowl-manure from the floor when cleaning the areas. The product is suitable for: mechanics, car wash facilities, haulage companies and farms (cattle, pigs, birds and horses).



DERKEMP BRTT is a specific detergent for use in wet tumbling machines.
It is a product with a very wide field of application and with important characteristics:
Biodegradable. The high quality synthetic components and the total absence of solvents make it usable without particular problems in relation to the disposal of the exhausted.

Cheap. The product contains a high percentage of active substance for which it can be used at very low concentrations. Already in doses of 100 gr. 100 liters of water performs its cleansing action and develops a considerable amount of foam that has the main function of keeping dirt and waste in suspension.

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DERKEMP CH degreases and cleans machines tool, metallic structures, floors and walls, tiles, painted or lacquered or plasticized  surfaces and generally all the washable surfaces. 

DERKEMP CH is a low foam product, easy and sure to use for the operators.




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DERKEMP EMUL can be added directly to the emulsion before it is discharged and replaced.
The product introduced at the beginning of the shift removes deposits and sediments without interrupting the operation of the machines.
DERKEMP EMUL also develops a sanitizing action that significantly reduces the presence of contaminants.

  • Highly concentrated
  • Excellent compatibility with the solution or emulsion of cooling lubricants.
  • Excellent cleansing and sanitizing action.
  • Compatible with steel, non-ferrous alloys and aluminum
  • Low foaming.
  • Even in the concentrated form it isn’t toxic or harmful to the operators.



DERKEMP FF is a water-based detergent, characterized by a very low propensity to generate foam.
It is effective in the removal of both particle deposits (lands, sludge, traffic films, fumes residues, etc.) and non-carbonized or dried oil.
The pH of the solutions for use respects a wide range of materials (metals and alloys, paints, rubbers, plastics). Its characteristics make it suitable for manual or automatic cleaning (CIP recirculation systems) of many types of fume filtration systems including candle filters. A suitable programmed and automated cleaning treatment of the filters maintains high performance efficiency and prolongs its long-term durability.

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It is a colourless and odourless formula, specific for the food industry, able to remove dirt from any type of surface. The surface-active agents are low foaming, they have a HLB value of approx. 14, therefore they boast high emulsifying properties. It is active on animal and vegetable triglycerides (present in slaughterhouses and oil mills), forming stable mixes that do not re-precipitate.  It doesn't contain nonylphenols, residual substances and fixed alkali, therefore it is non-corrosive on components in aluminium alloy. It does not attack plastic materials and gaskets of equipment or systems.



DERKEMP MAT is an alkaline degreasing product, with antioxidant action formulated for washing pieces in automatic jet, ultrasound or tunnel machines.

DERKEMP MAT has been additived with antioxidant components that prevent the formation of rust and various oxidations on the pieces before further processing.
This is a temporary protection so that, in the event of long storage or transport, the action of the product must be supplemented with more specific protections.

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DERKEMP MAT HP is a neutral degreasing product indicated for applications in washing systems operating at high pressure.
DERKEMP MAT HP solutions don’t produce foam even if sprayed at very high pressures; any momentary foam formations, however always very low, are instantly broken down.
In this way, the pumps are safeguarded, no solution leaks from the tanks and there is always optimal control of the levels.

DERKEMP MAT HP doesn’t contain caustic or corrosive substances and its solutions are neutral, it can therefore be used to wash all types of metal even the most delicate.



Derkemp Mat P is a liquid degreaser for spray applications that can be used on various types of materials such as iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

The solutions of Derkemp Mat P, if not rinsed, produce a thin invisible and water-soluble protective film on the surfaces.
The protection is for medium-short times in a covered warehouse, the duration is conditioned by variables such as:

  • the quality of the material,
  • the environmental conditions,
  • the quality of the water used.

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Liquid industrial cleaner, strongly alkaline, easily and completely soluble in water.

The product, under normal conditions of use, does not produce foam and is therefore particularly suitable for degreasing processes in spray installations.

DERKEMP MAT S solutions allow a rapid and substantial removal of oily and greasy contaminations from metal surfaces, particularly steel.

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Pine oil detergent with degreasing, deodorizing and bacteriostatic action.

  • It works quickly on organic residues depositing on floors and surfaces in general, facilitating removal
  • It has a neutral pH value so it can come into contact with any kind of material without causing corrosion problems.
  • It is ideal for cleaning ceramic, tiled, granite, stoneware, linoleum and cement surfaces.
  • Being harmless on any type of material can be used on galvanized sheet metal, painted sheet, aluminum surfaces or any kind of plastic material.

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DERKEMP PLUS is an extremely versatile, low-foam product easy to use and safe for operators. Its composition makes it particularly suitable for ultrasound washing machines. The main scope of the ultrasound activity, cavitation, consists in assisting the detergent in carrying out its chemical activity through a mechanical action. The optimal result of this operation is linked to the proper choice of detergent according to the type of contamination to remove.

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DERKEMP SINT is a moderately alkaline industrial detergent containing corrosion inhibitors.
It has an efficient degree of removal against soluble processing oils, light whole oils for cutting and forming,
The product is used in industrial spraying plants and for cleaning operations both at an inter-operational and final level.

DERKEMP SINT is particularly suitable for the washing of pieces where protection is required for short-term storage and is compatible with many metal surfaces: in addition to iron, aluminum, zinc, copper and its alloys.

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Industrial detergent soluble in water, specific for high pressure washing machines. 

DERKEMP VAP is a highly concentrated tough detergent that contains emulsifiers and surface-active agents able to remove many different types of dirt.

Since it is concentrated, it is more effective compared to traditional detergents and can be significantly diluted to obtain a safe, non-flammable and low-cost washing solution. 

DERKEMP VAP is able to emulsify and remove dirt, oil, waxes, gas oil, mould, greases and scales of any kind.

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Dermat 09 is an alkaline powder detergent suitable for degreasing operations in many industrial sectors.

The product can be used in static or ultrasonic tanks.

Dermat 09 is easily and totally soluble in water ensuring a quick recovery of the functionality of the bath in case of topping up.

It is also compatible with both medium and high hardness waters.

At normal concentrations of use Dermat 09 doesn’t create dangerous caustic solutions for operators.

Dermat 09 contains special corrosion inhibitors which allow to carry out heavy degreasing operations even on delicate surfaces such as aluminum.
The highly effective formula of Dermat 09, combined with its delicate action on metal surfaces, allows an optimal and substantial use even in degreasing operations of high precision metal parts.
The solutions used by Dermat 09 can be titrated using a simple and effective kit, in this way it is possible to rationalize consumption and optimize the yields of the degreasing processes.

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DERMAT 105 is a specific alkaline detergent for washing mechanical parts in tunnelwash or spray automatic systems.  The product can be used on different materials: steel, aluminium, copper and relative alloys. In fact, it is safe for any type of metal, including aluminium which is passivated after treatment. It comes in white powder, completely and easily soluble in water, with controlled foam, and its solutions are able to remove oils, greases, work residues and carbonaceous contaminations. 

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Code.: K0045500

It is a foaming product for lance applications, particularly effective because of the balanced formulation and based on the use of potassium alkalis. It is mainly used in the food industry (slaughterhouses, dairies, pasta factories, ham factories, fishmongers, crushers, vegetable processing and food preparations in general) where a thorough cleaning is required which, due to the complexity and extension of the process equipment, isn’t possible manually implement.
DESCAL BASIC FOAM K generates a foam with excellent gripping properties and penetrating and at the same time wetting, capable of simultaneously performing saponification and emulsification of processing residues, whether they be raw, cooked or aged, such as fats and oils, protein materials, flours , plant residues sugary and tartrate substances. The product is suitable for:


Descal CIP is a liquid detergent suitable for many applications in the food industry.
It is a complete product as it contains active detergents, wetting agents, biodegradable anti-foam and is compatible with water with high hardness.
It can be used in a wide range of Cleaning In Place systems, spray washes, bottle washing, and detergent operations in the dairy industry.
Descal CIP ensures perfect removal of all contamination present on food industry equipment such as: fatty substances, both of vegetable and animal origin, soiled rich in proteins even if partially modified by heat.
The product is finally used in the industries of beer production and bottling drinks, for the cleaning of tanks (CIP washing), the cleaning of the pipes as well as the washing of bottles.

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DESCAL T is an alkaline detergent suitable for many applications in the food industry.

The product solutions are compatible with all metals including light alloys.

Low foaming. The product does not produce particularly intense and persistent foams and is therefore suitable for spray washing and CIP operations.

Alluminium safe. Despite its excellent cleaning power, it protects delicate surfaces such as aluminum from corrosion.

Easy rinse. It is easily and totally removed by rinsing with drinking water.

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DW 107 is a  detergent with a strong cleaning activity against numerous organic contamination  of mineral origin (eg. lubricants, cutting fluids) or animal and  vegetable origin.

DW 107 It is successfully used to clean the exterior of vehicles and motorcycles that internal (eg. engine compartments).

DW 107 for its particular formulation is capable of removing with great efficiency the protective polymer waxes from new vehicles.

DW 107 at normal use concentrations  (maximum of 20%) , is not dangerous for the operators.

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Wash in wax

It is a liquid, non-foaming neutral detergent that puts on the floor a thin layer of non-slip wax, leaving the same shiny and brilliant.

Regular use of FLOOR B makes superfluous application of wax and allows, with only one operation, to keep the floors clean and brilliant.

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Detergent formulated to clean and sanitize any washable surface, leaving a delicate clean smell.

- Safe on all metals, plastics and rubber.
- Non-irritating and usable without special precautions.
- No need to rinse.
- Can be used without problems even on painted surfaces.


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Alkaline detergent, slightly gelatinous, particularly suitable for emulsifying and quickly dissolving any incrustation of cooked or carbonized organic foodstuff, as well as all types of fatty substances used in the food industry (pastry, bakery, pasta factory, slaughterhouses, sausage factories).
The product is gelatinous in order to better adhere to the surfaces and thus have a way to carry out its cleaning action thoroughly.
FORMAT 5 can be used in many applications:

Oil industry. It is quick and effective to dissolve and eliminate dried and hardened food oil residues from metering devices, conveyor belts, fillers, filters and centrifuges.

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FORMAT BRILL is a silicone-based protective liquid with a shining effect to be used to polish and protect any glass surface, in satin-finished steel, in brass, formica, various laminates, plexiglass and mirrors.

The product is completely biodegradable, evaporates quickly and leaves a pleasant lavender scent.Il FORMAT BRILL completely dissolves: greases, fingerprints, residues of smog and leaves a silicone film on the surface that protects it making it water repellent and antistatic.

This protection helps keep the glass or shiny surfaces clean longer and allows periodic cleaning by passing only a dry cloth without having to intervene with the detergent each time.

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FORMAT CAR 9 is a lightly acidic cleaner, energetic on dirty, but delicate on surfaces.

It is particularly suitable for the removal of dusty contaminations that standard neutral or alkaline detergents can’t remove.

In recommended uses, don’t damage paint, aluminum, glass or rubber.

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It is a low-foaming detergent formulated with different active ingredients able to dissolve and disperse the dirt that is deposited in the refrigeration systems, in the air-conditioning exchangers and in the fan-coils.
Removal: fatty substances, grease, soot, dust and fingerprints without corroding surfaces.
It is also easily rinsed and leaves a pleasant pine scent.
Due to its characteristics it can be used in various sectors such as: kitchens, canteens, nursing homes, institutions, communities, airports, clinics, hospitals and offices.

  • It has an extremely low foam and is easily rinsed without traces or residues remaining.
  • It is neither corrosive nor caustic and therefore it is absolutely safe for all surfaces in aluminum, copper, steel, plastic materials, painted surfaces, etc.

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FORMAT GLASS is a silicon-based protecting detergent to be used to polish and protect any glass, stainless steel, brass, formica, various laminates, plexiglass, fiberglass and mirrors surfaces.
Unlike alcohol and ammonia, products normally used for glass cleaning, FORMAT GLASS is non-flammable and has low acute toxicity. The product is also completely biodegradable and leaves a pleasant scent to peach.

The FORMAT GLASS completely dissolves: greases, fingerprints, residues of smog and leaves on the surface a silicon veil that protects it making it water repellent and antistatic.
This protection helps keep the glass clean for longer and allows periodic cleaning by passing only a dry cloth without intervening with the detergent each time.

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Specific product for the cleaning of shiny or satin-finished metal surfaces from fingerprints, grease, markers, paints, smog, dust and processing residues.

Safe and economical. It doesn’t contain components or additives that could damage, stain or opacify the treated surfaces.
The product, in a 400 ml aerosol can, is ready to use and allows countless applications.

Detergent and rinse aid. It immediately acts on processing residues (polishing pastes), on various greases, on fingerprints, on tracing and paint residues. Leave the surfaces perfectly clean and bright.

Protective and lasting. A microscopic protective film acts as dustproof and from
antioxidant and protects surfaces from stains, dust, fingerprints and corrosion.
The treated surfaces remain perfectly polished for a long time.

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Low-foam, slightly alkaline detergent, containing surface-active and sequestering agents, formulated to cleanse and maintain any type of washable surface.

  • Safe on all metals, plastic and rubber
  • Non irritating, it can be used without adopting any particular precautions
  • Easy to rinse thanks to its low foam properties
  • It can also be used on painted surfaces at the suggested concentration
  • It is an extremely versatile product, easy to use and safe for operators.

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Low foam detergent, slightly alkaline, based on surfactants and sequestrants, formulated for cleaning and maintenance of any washable surface.

• Safe on all metals, plastics and rubber.
• Non-irritating and usable without special precautions.
• Easily rinsed thanks to the almost total absence of foam.
• Can be used, at recommended dilutions, even on painted surfaces.
• It is an extremely versatile product, easy and safe for operators.
• Employable in the industrial field for the cleaning of machinery, work environments, degreasing of machined or semi-finished pieces.
• The product is READY TO USE

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FORMAT SMOG is a chemical product able to eliminate contaminations caused by smog and atmospheric pollution, which disfigure buildings and monuments. Without carrying out any abrasive action, which could damage the surfaces, the product is able to chemically dissolve the deposits of organic nature, making them easily removable by rinsing. The use of FORMAT SMOG allows you to restore the original appearance to facades, monuments, portals, friezes and balconies without having to intervene with sandblasting or pressure jets. The product is viscous, in order to be used on vertical surfaces, and it dries very slowly to prolong the action time. The FORMAT SMOG has no corrosive action against any building materials of mineral origin and can be used on bricks, mineral plasters, sandstone, concrete, natural stone and cement-asbestos.

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Format Spray is a cleaner in a convenient spray bottle for cleaning all washable surfaces.
Format Spray in addition to the excellent cleaning power combines the perfect absence of halos and is therefore suitable for the treatment of mirrored surfaces such as glass, mirrors and steel.
Format Spray with its features allows to solve with a single product many cleaning problems in communities, hotels, kitchens.

Format Spray also finds interesting applications in the industrial field as a fast and substantial finishing detergent for many items before shipping.

Format Spray in its spray form ready to use is easy to apply, dries quickly without leaving streaks.



Degreasing solvent to be used as a stain remover for fabrics in the textile industry, in armchairs factory and car interiors.

The KEMPERSOLV SPOT has of the following characteristics:


  • Equipped with good volatility.
  • Leaves no residue
  • It has no unpleasant odors
  • Active against several types of staine


The product can be applied by spraying, brushing, dipping and buffer.

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LIGHT is a specific product for cleaning and polishing car dashboards, interior linings, upholstery and all plastic or leather components.
The product DOESN’T CONTAIN SILICONES and can therefore be used with confidence even in body shops and car painting systems.

LIGHT doesn’t contain resins or creams, so it leaves the surfaces clean and shiny without showing greasiness.
It is also absolutely harmless on the transparent plastic parts of the instrumentation and on any type of metal.
An important application of the product is that relating to the surface treatment of suitcases, bags, trunks, armchairs and all the equipment made of synthetic material that have lost their brightness.

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METALDEC Acc is a specific chemical for polishing stainless steel and many other metals.
The product is not a detergent or a descaler, but a polish, that is a cream in which, with a light stripping and descaling action, the polishing action of a very fine abrasive, consisting of natural silicates and bentonites, is associated.
METALDEC Acc therefore acts with a double action:

  • during the time in which it remains in contact with the surface, emulsifies the dirt, the patinas and the oxidations that opacify it;
  • as a result of the physical action that is carried out during the application, it eliminates any roughness and glosses the surface.

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