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FORMAT SMOG is a chemical product able to eliminate contaminations caused by smog and atmospheric pollution, which disfigure buildings and monuments. Without carrying out any abrasive action, which could damage the surfaces, the product is able to chemically dissolve the deposits of organic nature, making them easily removable by rinsing. The use of FORMAT SMOG allows you to restore the original appearance to facades, monuments, portals, friezes and balconies without having to intervene with sandblasting or pressure jets. The product is viscous, in order to be used on vertical surfaces, and it dries very slowly to prolong the action time. The FORMAT SMOG has no corrosive action against any building materials of mineral origin and can be used on bricks, mineral plasters, sandstone, concrete, natural stone and cement-asbestos.


Aspect                         : gel

Color                           : colorless

Odor                           : odorless

Density                       : 1,30 gr/cc

pH                               : 12,0 (sol. 1%)



FORMAT SMOG can be used diluted with water, in a concentration from 30 to 50%, spraying the solution directly on the surface to be treated. It is left to act for a few minutes, helping the action with a brush, and then proceed to rinse with plenty of clean water. In case of particularly heavy deposits and aged it may intervene ap-plying the pure product with a brush on the pre-moistened surface. Once the action is complete, it will always be necessary to proceed with a good rinse. The FORMAT SMOG has no action on calcareous incrustations and in these cases it will be necessary to resort to the use of acid reaction products such as DESCAL ACID FOAM.
should not be applied to painted or aluminum frames




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