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Low foam detergent, slightly alkaline, based on surfactants and sequestrants, formulated for cleaning and maintenance of any washable surface.

• Safe on all metals, plastics and rubber.
• Non-irritating and usable without special precautions.
• Easily rinsed thanks to the almost total absence of foam.
• Can be used, at recommended dilutions, even on painted surfaces.
• It is an extremely versatile product, easy and safe for operators.
• Employable in the industrial field for the cleaning of machinery, work environments, degreasing of machined or semi-finished pieces.
• The product is READY TO USE

Physical state               : liquid

Colore                          : bright yellow

Flammability                 : not flammable

Density                         : 1,00 (at 20°C)

pH                               : 10 (solution 1%)

Solub. in water              : total


Cleaning of machine tools and machinery in general, workshop floors, work benches. Maintenance of ventilation and suction systems. Deep cleaning of windows and washable walls in plastic or painted. Indicated for the removal of smog and fuels in thermal power stations. Cleaning of waterproof tarpaulins. Cleaning of heat exchangers, aluminum parts, anodised or burnished windows.

Transport sector

Cleaning the faux leather interior of cars, trucks and buses. Indicated for the removal of smog, flies and diesel particulates.
Cleaning of tarpaulins of lorries, tanks and transport cisterns.

Canteens, communities, clinics.

Cleaning of all washable surfaces, tiles, walls, floors of all types, including linoleum and bolted rubber. Maintenance of suction, ventilation and extractor hoods.
Cleaning of cafeterias, tables and work benches, changing rooms, toilets.
In offices it is indicated for the cleaning of desks, plastic materials and fake leather.



The product is READY TO USE, therefore already diluted.

Spray the solution on the part to be cleaned from the bottom up to avoid sagging.
Wait a few minutes so that the product can perform its cleaning action and remove the dirt with a damp cloth or high-pressure water jet.








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