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  • It evaporates quickly without leaving stains, no rinsing is required
  • It eliminates any type of dirt like dust, soot, ink marks, grease of mineral and animal origin
  • It is ready to use, therefore application is easy and quick
  • It cleans all washable surfaces quickly. The product leaves a pleasant scent after application
  • The product can be used on different materials: steel, copper, brass,  glass and plastic 

FORMAT RAPID is particularly indicated for the following sectors:

  • Factories: to quickly and deeply cleanse finished articles before packaging and shipping. Small but radical degreasing operations of tools, work surfaces, machinery and equipment.
  • Public centres and environments: it allows carrying out some cleaning tasks successfully with a single product. The product is suitable for counters, canteen tables, chairs, desks, glasses, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces regardless of their degree of dirt and type of contamination. 



Aspect: liquid, clear

Colour: light blue

Odour: typical pleasant/ odourless

Density: 0.95 to 20ºC

pH: 9 (as is)



Spray the product as is on the surfaces to clean, then rub it with a cloths, paper tissue or sponge.



The ready-to-use product is available:

  • In containers of 10-30-60 kg
  • 0.75 Kg bottles with nozzles, in boxes of 12 bottles each.

For use in the food industry, the FORMAT RAPID SP odourless version is available (Code K0034590)





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