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DERKEMP SEMISINT is a semi-synthetic base detergent that mixed with water forms a very stable microemulsion

It doesn’t produce foam even when used at high pressure.

It has high compatibility with many materials such as ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys and copper alloys.


DERKEMP SEMISINT solutions leave on treated surfaces a light oily protective film for short medium times.

  • Solutions have optimum biostability.
  • It allows you to wash and protect in a single operation.
  • Also stable in hard water.
  • Great for removing emulsifiable machining oils.
  • With a single solution you can handle a variety of materials.



Aspect:                          amber.

Density:                        1,01 a 15°C.

Viscosity:                     36 cSt a 40°C

pH:                                9.4 (Sol 3%) 

Refractometric index: 1,9 (°Brix).



Concentration:       2-10%

Temperature:           40°-80°C

Pression:                  up to 200 bar

Optimum conditions of use depend on the nature and degree of dirt to be removed as well as the antioxidant power to be applied to the treated surfaces; it is therefore best to determine the operating parameters with appropriate preliminary tests.



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