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DERKEMP SINT is a moderately alkaline industrial detergent containing corrosion inhibitors.
It has an efficient degree of removal against soluble processing oils, light whole oils for cutting and forming,
The product is used in industrial spraying plants and for cleaning operations both at an inter-operational and final level.

DERKEMP SINT is particularly suitable for the washing of pieces where protection is required for short-term storage and is compatible with many metal surfaces: in addition to iron, aluminum, zinc, copper and its alloys.

DERKEMP SINT doesn’t produce foam even at room temperature.

  • Form a film that temporarily prevents corrosion, helps to minimize production waste.
  • Good demulsifying properties, low maintenance costs and minimization of costs.
  • Compatible with hard water
  • Practically nothing is the propensity to foam formation even at high pressures.


Aspect:                      limpid liquid

Color:                         straw yellow

Odor:                          odorless

pH (tal quale):               9,5 ± 0,5

Spec. weight.:          1,05 (20°C)

Solubility:                  complete in water


Concentration:         0,5-5%

Temperature:           40°-80°C

Pression:                  until 200 bar


The optimal conditions of use depend on the nature and degree of the dirt to be removed as well as the antioxidant power to be given to the treated surfaces; it is therefore good to determine the operational parameters with appropriate preliminary tests.




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