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DERMAT 105 is a specific alkaline detergent for washing mechanical parts in tunnelwash or spray automatic systems.  The product can be used on different materials: steel, aluminium, copper and relative alloys. In fact, it is safe for any type of metal, including aluminium which is passivated after treatment. It comes in white powder, completely and easily soluble in water, with controlled foam, and its solutions are able to remove oils, greases, work residues and carbonaceous contaminations. 

The particular formula of DERMAT 105 with its active principles allows achieving high cleansing standards also at fairly low temperatures. In normal conditions of use, the product solutions generate a small amount of foam and they can be easily rinsed off. 

DERMAT 105 boasts excellent sequestering power which favours the removal of inorganic contaminations and prevents calcareous deposits to form inside the system.

  • Cleansing processes can be carried out on different types of metals using a single product.
  • It is highly soluble in water, combining the performances of a powder detergent to the high solubility of liquid products.
  • DERMAT 105 solutions are able to remove tough contaminations. 
  • The solutions can be titrated using a practical and user-friendly kit, in order to easily and accurately dose the solutions intended for use.



Aspect: powder, white.

pH: 12 (1% sol.)

Alkalinity P: 23% (like NaOH)

Alkalinity M: 42% (like NaOH)




DERMAT 105 is poured in water solution, considering as starting ratio, the tests to determine the actual operating parameters of the following values:

  • Concentrations between 1% and 5%,
  • Temperature 40ºC / 60ºC,
  • Application times 2-15 minutes.

The combination of the operating conditions depends on the needs and type of contaminations to remove. Please keep in consideration that the operating temperature my affect the washing times.

The bath titration can be carried out using 0.1N hydrogen chloride and phenolphthalein. Starting from 10 ml of solution, the product percentage will be obtained by multiplying the ml of Hydrogen Chloride required for toning, by factor 0.68.



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