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Dermat 09 is an alkaline powder detergent suitable for degreasing operations in many industrial sectors.

The product can be used in static or ultrasonic tanks.

Dermat 09 is easily and totally soluble in water ensuring a quick recovery of the functionality of the bath in case of topping up.

It is also compatible with both medium and high hardness waters.

At normal concentrations of use Dermat 09 doesn’t create dangerous caustic solutions for operators.

Dermat 09 contains special corrosion inhibitors which allow to carry out heavy degreasing operations even on delicate surfaces such as aluminum.
The highly effective formula of Dermat 09, combined with its delicate action on metal surfaces, allows an optimal and substantial use even in degreasing operations of high precision metal parts.
The solutions used by Dermat 09 can be titrated using a simple and effective kit, in this way it is possible to rationalize consumption and optimize the yields of the degreasing processes.


Aspect:                       granulated powder

Color:                          yellowhis white.

pH (sol. 1%):              12

Alkalinity tot.:              27% as NaOH.

Content in P:              960 mg/lt (sol. 1%)


Diluted in water at 1-5%, temperature 30 ° -60 ° C, times from 10 'to 30' on average. always check the operating conditions based on the severity of the workings.
Rinse with cold water.



Take 5 ml of solution, add 2/3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator, titrate with 0.1 N hydrochloric acid.
% Dermat 09 = ml ac. hydrochloric acid X 0.55





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