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DERKEMP MAT HP is a neutral degreasing product indicated for applications in washing systems operating at high pressure.
DERKEMP MAT HP solutions don’t produce foam even if sprayed at very high pressures; any momentary foam formations, however always very low, are instantly broken down.
In this way, the pumps are safeguarded, no solution leaks from the tanks and there is always optimal control of the levels.

DERKEMP MAT HP doesn’t contain caustic or corrosive substances and its solutions are neutral, it can therefore be used to wash all types of metal even the most delicate.

DERKEMP MAT HP is able to remove metal processing oils and can therefore be used in both final and interoperational washes.
DERKEMP MAT HP solutions, if not rinsed, don't leave any residue.
DERKEMP MAT HP can find suitable use also in hydrokinetic washing plants where sometimes the intense turbulence necessary for the process create many problems to control the foam.

Main benefits:


  • Neutral pH.
  • Low foam already at room temperature.
  • Minimum residue on the washed surface.
  • Suitable for high pressure systems, even up to 200 atm.
  • Good stability in hard water.
  • Excellent on the entire range of metal surfaces.
  • Easily biodegradable.
  • Doesn’t contain any boron derivatives.


Aspect:           limpid liquid.

Color:              light brown

Odor:              mild ethereal

pH (as it is):         neutral

Spec. weight.: 1,015 ± 0,05 (at 20°C)

Refract. factor.:          4


The concentrations of use are variable from 2 to 5% depending on the nature of the contaminations.
Recommended working temperature between 40 ° and 70 ° C.

It is possible to control the concentration of the product by means of a refractometric reading. Remember that strong contaminations of emulsifiable oils can alter the correct reading.



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