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Foaming cleanser specially formulated for degreasing of all types of surface units found within the food industry.
Easily removes residues of different fats, protein and sugars due to high efficiency compact wet foam and adhesion to surfaces, thus prolonging the time of contact with the surface.

FORMAT FS is ideal for cleaning and degreasing vertical and horizontal:

Floors, walls, cages and equipment on farms.
metal walls of storage, tiled surfaces and / or paint processing plant, food industry (dairies, slaughterhouses, meat processing, bakeries, fishmongers, etc.).

With its composition you can treat areas where there are different types of equipment, tools and materials (steel, light alloys, copper, and plastics).
FORMAT FS also sanitizes because it contains quaternary ammonium salts of the last generation.




Physical State: liquid

Color: straw
pH (5% Sol): 10 ± 1
Solubility in water:total
Flammability: not flammable
Sanitizer: didecildimetil-ammonium chloride
PA dose (5% Sol):500 ppm (mg / l)



The product is designed to launch specific applications for the generation of foam. Set the system to operate with solutions of concentration varying from 5 to 15% (from 50 to 150 g / l) depending on the nature and consistency of the waste.
(Put in the basket of the product to the feed tube of foam lance, make sure the water supply is open and the compressed air system is running).
The application should start from the bottom going up, at the end leave for 15-30 minutes and proceed to rinse.
It may be used hot and also manually (desks, tools, etc.)
Take in all cases, the PPE required precautions (gloves, boots, and face shield or eye protection in addition to the specific work clothes).




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