Descal CIP is a liquid detergent suitable for many applications in the food industry.
It is a complete product as it contains active detergents, wetting agents, biodegradable anti-foam and is compatible with water with high hardness.
It can be used in a wide range of Cleaning In Place systems, spray washes, bottle washing, and detergent operations in the dairy industry.
Descal CIP ensures perfect removal of all contamination present on food industry equipment such as: fatty substances, both of vegetable and animal origin, soiled rich in proteins even if partially modified by heat.
The product is finally used in the industries of beer production and bottling drinks, for the cleaning of tanks (CIP washing), the cleaning of the pipes as well as the washing of bottles.

Versatile: has a high efficiency for the removal of a wide range of contaminations.
Economic: in addition to high yield with a single product, excellent results are obtained in many applications.
Sequestering: even in the presence of water with a high hardness it helps to prevent the formation of calcareous deposits.
Low foaming: it is possible to use it even in situations of extreme turbulence without renouncing high detergent standards.

Non-residual: the solutions are totally and quickly rinsed.




Aspect: fluid liquid.

Color: brown.

Specific weight: 1,280 (a 20°C).

Alkalinity (fenolft): 5.2 ml HCl 1 N/1 gr prod.


In aqueous solutions at concentrations ranging from 0.5-5%, room temperature to 50 °-60 ° C. operating conditions may change depending on the plant and the nature of the contaminations. The product can be used by spraying, by immersion or by flood. The correct concentrations can be controlled by means of a specific kit or by conductimetric analysis. For surfaces in direct contact with food, thorough rinsing with drinking water is recommended.







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