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FORMAT GLASS is a silicon-based protecting detergent to be used to polish and protect any glass, stainless steel, brass, formica, various laminates, plexiglass, fiberglass and mirrors surfaces.
Unlike alcohol and ammonia, products normally used for glass cleaning, FORMAT GLASS is non-flammable and has low acute toxicity. The product is also completely biodegradable and leaves a pleasant scent to peach.

The FORMAT GLASS completely dissolves: greases, fingerprints, residues of smog and leaves on the surface a silicon veil that protects it making it water repellent and antistatic.
This protection helps keep the glass clean for longer and allows periodic cleaning by passing only a dry cloth without intervening with the detergent each time.

Physical state : liquid

Color               : pink

Odor               : peach

pH                   : 6

Flammability   : NOT flammable


Spray pack. Shake the can well and spray the foaming product in a circular way with the warning not to clean surfaces greater than half a square meter at a time. (Code K00346S0)





Liquid product. Micronize the jet as much as possible and work as for the spray version. After applying the product, spread it on the glass using a dry and clean cotton cloth. Next, with a second cloth, polish the surface, always operating in a circular way; in this way the surface will be bright and without fingerprints. The product can be dissolved in water up to a maximum ratio of 1 to 10.

In particularly hard cases, use higher concentrations. (Code K0034500)







Glass cleaner without silicone

In this version, available only in loose form, the product is formulated without silicone. It maintains the same characteristics as detergents and degreasers of the normal product, but, not containing silicone, it can also be used on the crystals of the auto-furniture and in the glassworks that produce double glazing.
The FORMAT GLASS SPECIAL is blue and can also be used for window washers of any vehicle. (Code. K0034550)





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