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Pine oil detergent with degreasing, deodorizing and bacteriostatic action.

  • It works quickly on organic residues depositing on floors and surfaces in general, facilitating removal
  • It has a neutral pH value so it can come into contact with any kind of material without causing corrosion problems.
  • It is ideal for cleaning ceramic, tiled, granite, stoneware, linoleum and cement surfaces.
  • Being harmless on any type of material can be used on galvanized sheet metal, painted sheet, aluminum surfaces or any kind of plastic material.
  • The essence of pine contained in the product is strongly residual and leaves for a long time a pleasing scent
DERKEMP PIN is ideal for: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, gyms, saunas, schools, waste collection companies, as well as for the cleaning and sanitation of garbage collection bins.

DERKEMP PIN, also due to the low required concentration of use, has a very low risk profile for the operator

In fact it doesn’t have flammability problems, presents a practically neutral pH, doesn’t generate irritating fumes and can be used without special precautions.




Physical state              : gel

Color                           : green

Odor                            : pine

Solubility in water        : total

Density(20°C)                 : 0,964 Kg/lt

pH(sol.1%)                      : 7,6

Flammability               : NOT inflammable.



Floor cleaning:

Prepare an aqueous solution containing 10 to 30 grams of product per 10 liters of water (a bucket).

Pass with a clean cloth and let it dry.
With the scrubbing brush prepare a solution at 5% maximum.


Hospices and hospitals:

use a 10% max solution for washing toilette tools.


Containers for rubbish:

The product is also suitable for washing, sanitizing and deodorizing garbage collection containers.

For this application we recommend a concentration of 2-3% (20-30 Kg of product in 1000 liters of water).


Playgrounds, sports centers, resting places:

It can be used for paths, roads, benches, waste collection baskets and to remove organic waste of various kinds.

In these cases a concentration of 2-3% (20-30 Kg of product in 1000 liters of water) is recommended.




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