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Liquid industrial cleaner, strongly alkaline, easily and completely soluble in water.

The product, under normal conditions of use, does not produce foam and is therefore particularly suitable for degreasing processes in spray installations.

DERKEMP MAT S solutions allow a rapid and substantial removal of oily and greasy contaminations from metal surfaces, particularly steel.

The product is used to clean machined metal parts and it is indicated to dissolve and remove waxy protectives and oils used for the preparation of lubricating oil emulsions and cutting lubricants.

The product is used in the metalworking industries to clean gears, small parts, tools, valves, etc.

The control of the solutions in the use of DERKEMP MAT S is easy. It is possible to dose the product by special automatic systems with a constant reading of the concentration by conductivity.

It is also possible to check manually by an analytical easy to use kit (Bath titration)

  • DERKEMP MAT S solutions are perfectly compatible with ferrous surfaces.
  • Guarantees a perfect removal of polishing oils, greases and pastes.
  • It does not leave residue on the surfaces,

it can be rinsed quickly and totally.

  • Being a liquid fluid allows automatic dosing using metering pumps.
  • The solutions are easy to control and this allows a proper operating cost management.

The product should not be used on copper, aluminum, magnesium and white alloys in general. PROTECT FROM FROST


DERKEMP MAT S is generally used in a concentration range of 1-5% in water, depending on the type of contamination to be removed and the operating conditions.

Use the solutions as indicated in tunnel systems or floating machines at varying temperatures between 40 ° -70 ° C for times ranging from 3 'to 15'.

BATH TITRATION                                         

  1. Take 25 ml of solution and dilute it with 50 ml of cold distilled water.
  1. Add 2 drops of phenolphthalein.
  2. Titrate dropping HCl 1N until color change.
  3. Determine the concentration of DERKEMP MAT S comparing the volume of HCL used (mL) to the graph.





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