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Cutting-edge formula, specific for particularly tough dirt, with degreasing and polishing action. The product, in addition to boast high degreasing properties, it leaves the surface shiny thanks to the “wax effect” additives contained in it. 

DE FOAM features extremely interesting characteristics:

  • The product doesn't attack gaskets, plastic components and doesn't opacifies paints.
  • It is cost-effective since it can be diluted in water.
  • It doesn't contain acids, chlorinated solvents and doesn't release toxic substances.
  •  Contains biodegradable surfactants according to Regulation (EC) Nr. 648/2004

The product can be used to clean floors, machinery, packaging machines, work surfaces, packaging systems, in many sectors:

  • Meat processing facilities
  • Vegetable and fruit sector
  • Milk-dairy sector
  • Oil mills
  • Food industry in general

Thanks to its degreasing and polishing action, DE FOAM is also ideal to wash the exterior of lorries, vans and heavy duty means in general.




Aspect: liquid, clear

Colour: yellow

Density: 1.15

pH (1% sol.): 13.0

Biodegradable: according to Reg. (CE)                        Nr. 648/2004




The product can be used with hot high-pressure water jet machines, low pressure washing equipment or it can be introduced directly in manual or automatic washing systems with brushes. 

The concentration of use varies according to the degree of dirt to remove and efficiency of the washing system. In any case, a concentration between 0.5 and 5% is recommended. The use of water at a temperature higher than ambient temperature improves the product’s action and reduces operating times. The product is not aggressive on machinery, equipment and vehicles at the suggested concentrations and temperatures, leaving the paints shiny and polished. Lower concentrations are suggested when treating parts in aluminium or white alloy, and a compatibility test should be carried out before use. Don't apply on hot painted surfaces and exposed directly to the sun. No particular precautions are required to handle the product but please read the specific safety sheet before use.




DE FOAM is packaged in plastic containers with sealed cap, in the following capacities:

10-30-60-215-1000 kg




The product is stored in the original containers for at least 3 years. 




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