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DE 75 is a concentrated formula that can be diluted in water with powerful degreasing action on a large number of contaminations, without attacking the surfaces. 

DE 75 can be successfully used to remove particularly tough contaminations containing inert materials like carbonaceous residues, graphite, etc... 

The particular performances of DE 75 makes it essential in all industrial applications on systems and surfaces featuring organic contaminations which are difficult to remove.

DE 75  is also used to clean and maintain environments, in particular work ones likes workshops, washrooms, changing rooms and canteens. 

DE 75 eliminates oils, inks, waxes, greases and contaminations which are hard to remove using regular alkaline products. 

DE 75 is applied on painted surfaces or in plastic material, leather, linoleum, and metals in general.

Thanks to its characteristics, DE 75 is ideal to clean fan coils, split units and filtering systems in the aeronautical sector.

  • Extremely effective in removing tough contaminations
  • It is multi-purpose therefore compatible with any washable surface
  • It doesn't release inconvenient or toxic odours when used
  • The formula’s high performances ensure low operating costs. 



DE 75 is used in water solution at variable concentrations that range from 5 to 25% according to the type of contamination to remove. Apply on surfaces using a nozzle, brush or cloth, rub to favour penetration of the solution, then rinse with water.

DE 75 can be successfully used in washing cycles in ultrasound tanks; in this case, the operating conditions are: 2.5-5% concentration, temperature 40ºC- 50ºC.



Aspect: liquid, clear

Colour: bright green

pH (1% sol.): 11

Density (20ºC): 1.055

Solubility in water: 100%.



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