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Foaming detergent based on water for degreasing large surfaces. DERKEMP FOAM is the most suitable product for all cleaning operations both vertically and horizontally.

The DERKEMP FOAM is biodegradable, absolutely non-flammable and easy to use and safe for the operators as it does not cause annoyance or irritation in the normal procedure of use.


Physical state             : liquid

Color                          : colorless

Miscibility with water  : total

Density(20°C)               : 1,08 Kg/lt

pHsol. 1%                    : 10

Flammability              : not flammable


Degreases and thoroughly cleans metal walls of storage tanks, tiled and / or painted surfaces in food processing and storage facilities

Easily removes the residues of various fat substances as well as those of a protein and sugary due to its foam rich in surfactants.

DERKEMP FOAM must be applied with the special foaming spear to have a strong gripping effect of the foam produced; it can also be applied simply by spraying when a simple cleaning effect is required.

In any case, at the recommended dilutions, it can be applied on any type of surface.

The product is ideal for: pasta factories, confectionery industries (chocolate processing in particular), sausage factories, ravioli and cheese factories.
It can also be used for external / internal washing of refrigerated trucks and food transport.


Foaming effect: prepare an aqueous solution at room temperature with a concentration between 10 and 15%.
Distribute on the surfaces with a special foaming spout starting from the bottom in the case of the walls; wait for at least 10 minutes then proceed to a thorough rinsing.

Without foaming effect: prepare an aqueous solution having a concentration ranging between 3 and 5%. Distribute with the appropriate sprayer, leave to act then move to a good rinse. This solution can also be applied when hot (max 40-50 ° C).






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