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There are situations where limestone deposits are fixed on particularly delicate surfaces.

On other occasions removal of limestone residues becomes necessary at a frequency that is not recommended for the use of strong acid products (ex: hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid), even if appropriately inhibited.

Descalit C with its natural acidic component allows to remove the limestone without affecting the surfaces regardless of the material with which they are formed.

With Descalit C extremely delicate materials such as aluminum or copper can be treated, although these are particulars that must respond to very small tolerances.

So you can use the product for safe removal of limestone from:

  • Alluminium membrane holder of the machines distribution of drinks hot, in particular models for small or medium-sized companies where manufacturers themselves require the use of products with similar specifications to Descalit C.

  • Small copper serpentines where in the braided junctions, Descalit C doesn’t involve its action in copper or the materials used for junctions.

  • Enamel surfaces that can be deterred even daily with no loss of their natural and original brilliance.



Aspect:          limpid liquid.

Colour:          colourless.

Odor:             odorless.

Density:         1,12 kg/lt (a 20°C)

pH:                 ca. 2 (as it is)


Use at 20-30% in aqueous solution at room temperature. It can be used either by immersion or by recycling by pump.

Times and quantities are variable depending on the amount of limestone to be removed.




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