Nuvis San is an hand soap with sanitising action created on purpose  for alimentar sector and for all kind of industrial sectors or communities in which the maintainance of a standard environmental hygiene is required.

The ingredients let to obtain a strong and fast removal of organic dirty (especially animal and vegetal fats and also various proteinaceous exudates) and the throwing down of the total bacterial charge which develops on the cutis of the operators’ hands.

It’s easy to spread, it produces a little compact foam (therefore the rinse is very fast), it’s colorless and without fragrance.

The presence of particular kind of surface-active substances and glycerol, make Nuvis San proper for a frequent usage along the working day (such as required by the critical pionts of the HACCP plan), reducing in a significant way the irritations and the sensation of “aridity” of the hands’ cutis.

Nuvis San is recommended for the personal employed in the working of the meat, of the eggs and by-products, of the creams, of any kind of sauces and in the dairies.

It’s excellent for breeders who work and gesture of the milking systems and for the veterinaries.

It can be used also in the “blank rooms” and/or sterile rooms in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Physical state: viscous liquid 

Color : colorless

Odour : alcolico

Density(20°C): 1,012 Kg/l

Viscosity(20°C): 546,7 mPa.s

pH(1% solution):: 7 (Ò 0,5)




-chlorexidine digluconate: 0,2 %

-isopropyl alcohol: 2,0 %

-glycerol: 1,0 %

-no ionic surface-active agent:5,0 %

-anionic surface-active agent:8,4 %

The no ionic surface-active agents satisfy the FDA 21 CFR 178.3400 of the Food and Drug Administration.




The product can be easy use with the suitable dispensers of liquid soap.

Put about 2 g. of the product in the palm of the hand and gently spread  in order to melt completely all the oily and the fat.

Dry with monouse paper or  under a jet of warm air.

Not use promiscuous towels.

It’s advised to wash the dispensers with warm water at regular times.

AVVERTENZE: the product is used cutis without wouds.






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