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BIOSAN TABS is a product in effervescent tablets that quickly dissolves in water and allows obtaining a solution with a high liquid chlorine content boasting superior deodorizing and sanitizing properties. BIOSAN TABS contains 80% dichloroisocyanurate and every tablet releases 1.5 grams of active chlorine (1 tablet in 10 litres of water releases 150 ppm of active chlorine).

The product is used to sanitize equipment, pipes, packaging lines, tanks and various equipment of food processing facilities. In the fruit and vegetable sector, it is used to effectively sanitize vegetables before being packaged or processed. It is also excellent as sanitizer and deodorizer of washrooms, surfaces, walls or shelves in hospitals, healthcare facilities, barracks, hotels and public environments in general. 

The main advantages of BIOSAN TABS are:

VERSATILITY. By changing the quantity of water in which the tablet is dissolved, it is possible to obtain solutions at different concentrations based on the application.

SPACE SAVING. A can of BIOSAN TABS tablets replaces ten containers of bleach. 

LONG LASTING ACTION. Differently from bleach which degrades quickly in time, the product retains its characteristics unaltered for a long time.




Pre-treat dirty surfaces using suitable detergents and then rinse.

Sanitizing treatments in general:

Apply a solution containing at least 2 tablets of BIOSAN TABS in 10 litres of water. Apply on the surfaces using cloths, sponges or a mop. Wait 5 minutes then rise with utmost care, using potable water. Small size objects can be immersed in the solution.

Sanitizing treatment of vegetables:

Wash the vegetables using water. Prepare a solution containing 1 tablet for every 20 litres of water. Immerse the vegetables in the solution for approx. 5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of potable water.


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