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Protective water-repellent, specific for equipment, panels, motors and electrical systems.
The product contains solvents with degreasing, water-repellent and lubricating silicones.

DEGREASING. The product eliminates traces of fat and grease from the electrical panels that could be present when the work environment is particularly polluted.

WATER-REPELLENT. PRONEX EL has a marked dewatering action and is able to eliminate the humidity that may be present in the equipment, and to prevent the atmospheric humidity from entering the system.

It is therefore particularly essential for treating all systems and machinery that operate in very humid environments or in any case where a lot of water is used for washing.
LUBRICANT. The product provides a valid lubricating film that facilitates sliding, decreases friction and facilitates the operation of all the mechanisms of the equipment.

The PRONEX EL has a very low surface tension and is therefore able to easily penetrate all the interstices and inside the mechanisms to perform its anti-humidity, protecting and lubricating action.

The main fields of application are:

  • stations and systems for lifting and pumping liquids;
  • foundry burners and plants;
  • machinery subject to frequent washing in the food industry;
  • automatic opening mechanisms or automations exposed to damp atmospheres;
  • maintenance of refrigerators, car wash facilities and anything else that requires protection and prevention from humidity.



It is important that the electrical equipment is previously cleaned and deoxidized with a specific degreasing agent - specific deoxidizer.
The PRONEX EL can then be sprayed in the best possible way with the 30 cm spray can in the most uniform way possible.
Before restarting the system it is very important to allow the product to dry completely.
Considering that this phase may take a few hours, remember that it is possible to reduce it to a few minutes using a jet of compressed air for drying.



Aspect             : aerosol 400 ml

Odor               : Characteristic

Density           : 0.65 gr/cc

Sol. in water   : Not soluble

Ignition            : +240 °C (calculated)

Pression          : 6.4-7.4 bar

Code               : K00551S0




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