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Lubricant grease, absolutely colorless and odorless, suitable for the lubrication of machinery in the food industry.

The USDA, United States Department of Agriculture has established that in Food processing plants lubricants used must not be harmful in case of contact with the line of food, therefore excluding products containing toxic substances 

such as lead, antimony, mercury and other hazardous compounds.

The GREASE FOOD meets the requirements certified by USDA Grade H1.

This product can be used in plants where there is the possibility of accidental contact with food. This lubricant is ideal for bakeries, canning plants, meat & poultry plants and beverage industries.

The GREASE FOOD is synthesis grease used for the lubrication of  equipment such as timers, sewing machines, guns, staplers, calculators and such machinery. It has an excellent resistance to oxidation and is colorless.

It meets the ISO FD22 standards.



  • Doesn't decompose on contact with water or steam.
  • Completely odorless free of dyes and chemical additives.
  • It is non toxic and meets the USDA H1 certification.
  • Withstands high elevation pressures.
  • Helps prevent the formation of rust.


Physical State: Grease

Color: colorless

Odor: odorless

Density: 0,9 gr/liter

Penetration: 290 (ASTM 25 C)

Viscosity: NLGI 2



The GREASE FOOD is available in bulk, 5Lt packages and cylinder sprays of 400 ML.

Use the product in bulk as a lubricant by following the requirements of the manufacturer’s machinery.

With the cylinder, spray at a distance of 20-30cm using the extension to reach points less accessible.

Lubricant is maintained at temperatures from -20C to +120C.


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